Miah Kenzo Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents And Other Facts Related To Her

17-year-old Miah Kenzo is a gifted drill rapper from New York City. She is a recent member to the Drill Rap group 41 Movement.

As Drill Rap grows increasingly common in the current Hip Hop scene, we are seeing young MCs from diverse backgrounds show their talent.

Miah is no different; Kenzo is making a name for herself in the scene with over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube and 9,300 on Spotify per month.

There has been a gap in the city’s music scene since the iconic NYC Drill Rap artist Pop Smoke passed away, which has drawn younger and more talented MCs hoping to be the next great thing to come out of New York.

The Brilliant Drill is demonstrating to the world that, despite being just 17, she is more than capable. She has a few underground hits and is well-known among New York rappers.

Miah Kenzo
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Miah Kenzo Bio, Wikipedia And Age

Miah Kenzo is a 17-year-old drill rapper from Queens, New York City. She is yet to be listed on Wikipedia.

Kenzo is well known for her unusual voice and amazing wordplay. Despite her youth, she has already made appearances in songs by well-known artists like Asian Doll and DJ Big Skipp.

She maintains her motivation by working with well-known rappers because to her great work ethic.

Image Source: Instagram

Gabe P also interviewed her for the acclaimed On The Radar Show on Power 105.1, a station that broadcasts music.

Her most recent release, the Pretty Gangsta EP, was supported by more than 8 songs, all of which received tens of thousands of views on YouTube and hundreds of listens on Spotify.

Rapper Miah Kenzo’s Parents

Trag Stylemeda, Miah Kenzo’s father, is a rapper as well. Mia is signed to his label, Everything Ready.

Trag Stylemeda is not just the rapper’s father but also the co-founder and CEO of her business. Along with other rappers like Bille Gene and YCG Swervo, he manages Miah.

Rapper Kenzo B has recently drawn criticism for allegedly starting a snitch story about Trag. Since then, he has been the target of numerous snitch calls from those associated with the NYC Drill.

Although it is impossible to know for certain if he gave a tip, Kenzo’s followers have been happily steadfast enough to insist that even if he did, it has nothing to do with her music. Therefore, the allegations against him have not prevented her from developing.

41 Movement Introduced Miah Kenzo As A Newcomer To Drill Rap

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Miah Kenzo was a member of the 41 Movement, a drill rap group from New York City. Additional rappers from the 41 Movement include Jenn Carter and TaTa.

As a result of the snitching suspicions that hang over her father’s head, she was later expelled from 41 Movement. Since then, many of her admirers have struggled with whether to stand by or against her.

Fortunately, most of her followers agree with her, with many stating that she would be better off choosing her course. She has been adamant that she did not depart on orders and was not expelled when it came to Kenzo.

The 41 Movement is mainly shrouded in mystery and is not generally addressed online because of its suspected ties to many real-life gangs in New York City.

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