Despite their breakup, Mitch and Tina from Love Island Australia still keep in touch. In season four of Love Island Australia, Tina debuted as a bombshell.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to ignore the Love Island girls because it’s so many people’s favorite drama- and love-filled reality television. The Australian version, which started its fourth season on October 22, is one of the most popular.

The ITV2 program did not disappoint either, as there were plenty of heartbreaks and betrayals among the islanders. As the winner of the 2021 season of Love Island Australia, the 26-year-old contestant from Sydney, New South Wales, was someone to keep an eye on.

Her social media exploded as she started down the influencers’ route since her witty and intellectual demeanor fit in nicely with her audience.

But she didn’t leave the villa empty-handed; even after the program was done, she was able to win over her boyfriend’s affection.

Are Mitch And Tina From Love Island Australia Still Together?
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Are Mitch And Tina From Love Island Australia Still Together?

After reigniting their romance on Love Island Australia 2022, Tina and Mitch spit once again. They recently got back together for the newest Love Island season.

In an interview, they acknowledged the breakup and said it had been anticipated for some time. After their stay at the villa was over, they continued to see one another for a few months but had to maintain a distance relationship.

Making time for the significant other no longer ranked as a top priority because they were residents of two different cities, Melbourne and Sydney.

She claimed that because they had all the time in the world inside the house, they were tremendously in love. When they were hit with life commitments, reality hit them like a ton of bricks.

They decided to split up before their love soured since the difficulties got too great to overcome. They claimed it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but they kept a friendly relationship.

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They have maintained peace and share the same affection despite no longer being together, unlike other ex-lovers. Additionally, they openly respect and support one another and won’t tolerate lying.

However, they haven’t ruled out the prospect of reuniting, and they’ve made their memories public on social media. As his ex-girlfriend appeared cosseting in his arms, Mitch posted pictures of their adventurous excursion on Instagram.

Despite the recent events, he has continued to pursue love, appearing on the celebrity-only Raya to meet people.

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Mitch And Tina’s Relationship Details

The ex-couples got together while they were contestants on Love Island 2021. Australian television personalities are always open about their relationships.

As sparks were few from the first day, he came into the show as a bomb. Even if it meant kissing every girl in the program, he was on a mission to find the one and did everything in his power to find her.

He was drawn to the 26-year-old, though, and they exchanged a few hot kisses. Emily’s presence shook their relationship because of her history with the Dutch national.

The audience thinks that she will win Mitch’s heart, but he realizes his mistake and says that he loves his real soulmate.

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Following then, there was looking back as the couple became more and more intimate every day. He gave her a bracelet as a token of his love, and they even discussed starting a family in the future.

On the rides, the audience voted for them to be the show’s favorite couple. On the last day, he asked her if she would be his girlfriend because it was clear that she would. They left the show as winners, so fortune was on their side.

After the filming was through, they kept dating there and shared cute pictures of themselves getting closer. The $50,000 prize money, according to Dailymail, was a bonus that they split and utilized to fund their travels.

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