Taylor Hawkins’ daughter, Annabelle Hawkins, plays the drums for an American band and is well-known for being a member of the Foo Fighters.

Annabelle, 13, started her band last year after being inspired by her father to enter the music business at a young age.

Violet Grohl, the daughter of Taylor’s bandmate David Grohl, plays in the group with her father in the same capacity.

The band was scheduled to perform at a festival until Taylor went away in March this year. The drummer complained of chest pain, so an emergency service was sent to the hotel where the band was staying, but it was already too late.

The renowned drummer passed away at 50, leaving behind a wife and three children.

The Foo Fighters paid tribute to Taylor on September 4, 2022, and Oliver, Taylor’s oldest son, played the drums during the concert’s rendition of “My Hero.”

Annabelle Hawkins Bio, Wikipedia, Age: Facts You Didn't Know About Annabelle Hawkins
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Annabelle Hawkins Bio Wikipedia

American musician Annabelle Hawkins is the drummer for the rock group Holy Cows. She is Taylor Hawkins’ middle kid with his wife, Alison Hawkins.

In Seattle, where she was born, Annabelle grew up with her two brothers, Oliver S. Everleigh Hawkins and Hawkins.

The first daughter of Taylor Hawkins stated that her main sources of inspiration include Athena Lee, Stewart Copeland, and Rufus Taylor, in addition to her father, who was one of the best in his field.

Get The Money, Taylor Hawkins’ third and final album, was released in 2019. One of the album’s songs was inspired by the movie Annabelle.

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In 2019, Taylor recalled the incident where Annabelle requested an album with a song about her in it, and the drummer at the time responded, “I don’t think that’s going to happen.” “Well, I’m not sure. You are the middle child, acting like the middle child, begging for favours.”

And that’s how the late drummer got the idea to sing a song about Annabelle, his middle child.

The Foo Fighters honoured the late Taylor Hawkins last night, and Shane, Annabelle’s older brother, played the drums in memory of his father.

It won’t be long before we hear Annabelle’s music as she moves on the same path as her and her older brother.

Annabelle Hawkins Age: How Old Is He?

Annabelle Hawkins, born on May 5, 2009, is 13 years old. After getting married in 2005, Taylor and his wife welcomed three children, Annabelle being the second.

When Taylor previously said that his daughter Annabelle enjoyed listening to the Boston song More Than a Feeling and classical music.

Growing up with a rock star father who frequently went on tours, Annabelle had the opportunity to visit many stunning cities and become immersed in their cultures.

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Each Taylor and Dave Grohl claimed that their children would cause more trash backstage than in an interview they both gave Daily Mail in 2017.

It is heartbreaking that Taylor could not attend his daughter’s thirteenth birthday party because the drummer had passed away two months earlier without an apparent cause of death.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Annabelle Hawkins

1. Unlike her brother and father, Annabelle enjoys listening to classical music.

2. The 2021-formed band Holy Cows includes Violet Grohl, Zoe Smear, Noah Mendel, Liam Shiflett, and Annabelle Hawkins.

3. 2019 saw the Middle Child’s music video debut, which includes Annabelle.

4. Since Annabelle is the actual middle child in the Hawkins family, she served as the inspiration for Taylor’s song, Middle Child.

5. Childhood friends Annabelle and Violet Grohl have carried on their father’s traditions.

Meet Annabelle Hawkins On Instagram

Annabelle doesn’t currently have an Instagram username. However, despite being a star child and the drummer for the Foo Fighters, the daughter has avoided unnecessary attention.

There is no evidence of Annabelle on any other social networking sites. Her siblings have taken a similar stance and do not use social media.

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Numerous celebrities paid tribute to the late drummer on social media after Taylor passed away on March 25.

The millions of admirers shocked by the news were informed by the Foo Fighters’ official Twitter account of the sorrowful post of the drummer’s passing.

Miley Cyrus, Travis Barker, and Ozzy Osbourne posted on social media about the late drummer, with Miley revealing she would be paying tribute to the late rock legend during her upcoming performance.

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