Who Is 100ktucc? Everything About Him

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100ktucc is a famous American rapper. Following the release of his debut album, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, he found himself in the spotlight.

100ktucc, the singer of Gleo Flow, is a rapper from Nashville, dubbed one of the city’s most promising artists.

Although the state is known for country music, the town has developed a reputation for producing new-age artists.

100ktucc is on Instagram, where he has 24.3k followers under the name 100ktucc. He enjoys producing TikToks, where he performs amusing commentary skits, in addition to his affluent lifestyle.

AgeOver 25 years
Net Worth$1 million – $5 million

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100ktucc Bio Explored

100ktucc is a newcomer to the Nashville music industry. Therefore, his true identity and beginnings are unknown. However, based on his social media, we can affirm that he had a close relationship with his mother.

Indeed, he used Instagram to convey his affection for his mother, informing her that he would care for her financial needs because he had made an unknown amount of money.

His mother returned his devotion with an embrace, thanking him for allaying her fears about the looming costs.

What Is 100ktucc Net Worth?

The net worth of 100ktucc is still under review, but we anticipate it to be in the millions. With a verified account and 5,000 monthly listeners, he is available on Spotify.

His career after he released his EP Demon Days and Dark Nights. While he’s been busy releasing singles like Gleo Flow, Better Days, and In Route, his debut album, Blood Sweat And Tears, was just published.

Who Is 100ktucc Girlfriend?

100ktucc is an American rapper who is not married, has no girlfriends, and has never fathered a kid. He grew up in the ghetto, surrounded by violence and many women.

We do not doubt that he is popular with the ladies since he is a natural charmer.

In 2019, he was concerned for his brother’s safety when a video of rapper Callen Williams threatening him leaked. They were fortunate to avoid catastrophes after the assailant was caught with reckless driving, license violation, and felony charges.

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