Montell Jordan, Drag On, Bone Crusher, Charli Baltimore, Da Band are some of the rappers who mysteriously disappeared.

A musician’s career may occasionally shift due to the music industry’s ongoing development. Not everyone is suited for a life in the arts.

Regardless of how intelligent they initially are, just 10% of people can consistently stay up. A celebrity’s lifestyle entails acting as though everything is ideal, wearing nicely, smiling often, and being joyful.

One of the various emotions that a typical human experiences is a happiness. It is acceptable for us to feel sad and angry on occasion since these emotions define who we are as people.

But think about always being perfect. Isn’t it draining to consider it? All superstars must live this lifestyle to satisfy us as viewers or followers.

A song that had been developing for a year from making millions and billions overnight, or, alternately, from getting billions of views in just one hour of airtime. Some talented individuals have chosen to reclaim the famous spotlight lifestyle and take ownership of their lives again.

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Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan was well-known during the 1990s. He was well known for creating work that was highly addictive.

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The addictive and well-known songs “This Is How We Do It,” “Get It on Tonite,” and “90s favorites like Let’s Ride” were all published by him in 1995.

He wrote songs and produced music. He had written and produced songs for several musicians, including 98 degrees, Christina Milian, Shae Jones, Deborah Cox, and Sisqo.

He was passionate about conducting worship and enjoyed doing so.

Montell Jordan, a well-known songwriter, producer, and rapper, quit the business in 2010 to take a position as a worship leader in a church. The “Victory World Church” was located in Norcross, Georgia.

Drag On

Drag-On was one of the Ruff Ryders label’s first musicians to sign on. It also houses artists like DMX and Eve.

The three albums released over seven years by The MC, real name Mel Jason Smalls, are Opposite of H2O (2000), Hell and Back (2004), and Hood Environment (2007).

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It’s a huge accomplishment that his debut album reached No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, but the other two didn’t.

But his primary source of income wasn’t from music. Exit Wounds from 2001 and Cradle 2 the Grave from 2003 included Drag-On. Since his last album, Drag-On has been relatively quiet, but he plans to return with new songs and his label, Hood Entertainment.

In a recent interview, he admitted that he didn’t receive the exposure he deserved when he first entered his field. He made a comeback in March by releasing “NRG,” a brand-new tune with Juice.

Bone Crusher

Bone Crusher is a part of the hip-hop crew Lyrical Giants. He released AttenCHUN, his debut solo album, in 2003.

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His biggest hit was “Never Scared,” a song he co-wrote with Killer Mike and which, in 2003, became the anthem of the Atlanta Braves. He demonstrated his abilities by displaying the rapper’s ability to write anthems. The song was also used in the 2004 Madden NFL video game.

Release the Beast, Bone’s 2006 album, barely reached No. 86 on the Billboard chart, which indicated that his star was dwindling.

Bone Crusher made headlines most recently by calling Atlanta’s current rap scene “Garbage” after working with several musicians and releasing the mixtapes Bad to the Bone (2006) and Planet Crusher (2009).

Charli Baltimore

She has a long history of being well-known in the rap scene. Her red hair is more well-known than the music she wrote.

She was signed to Unentertainment to further her career after meeting Notorious BIG, with whom she eventually began dating.

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She ultimately made her debut album, Cold as Ice, downloadable digitally in 2009 despite record promotion beginning eleven years earlier. Later on, she developed a reputation as a little video vixen.

Later, she released the mixtapes Natural Born Khronicles and Hard 2 Kill (2012). (2012). (2013). Unfortunately, Charli hasn’t been consistently producing new music lately. However, she did debut “Bed Full of Money” at the beginning of April.

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Da Band

Diddy had the chance to create the ideal hip-hop crew in the early 2000s. He wrote about signing up for Making the Band.

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Diddy eliminated 40,000 contestants, and six of them became Da Band.

Sadly, the band only had enough time to complete recording and release their debut album, Too Hot for TV, before breaking up. Gold certification was given to both “Tonight” and “Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That,” demonstrating their potential.

At that point, what happened to them?

Since she was charged with stabbing her husband, Sara Stokes has had numerous legal challenges. Numerous musicians, including Dylan Dilinjah, Freddy P, Chopper, and Ness, continue to work hard to create new music. They are currently known as Babs Bunny, Babs.

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