Who Is Trey Makai Sibling?

Trey Makai, a popular TikTok user, has two siblings: Riley and Ellie Makai. Trey Makai started posting videos of his fantastic dance moves and even selfies on Instagram.

Trey, only 14 years old, has 58.3 million TikTok likes and over 3.5 million followers.

His TikTok account caught people’s eyes because he posted choreographed dance performances. By December 2022, he had acquired over 3 million followers on a new account.

His contract was signed with Next Step Talent. Trey, a native of Utah, was born and raised in a prosperous family; both of his parents are business owners. Additionally, Trey works with his 20-year-old cousin, Zack Lugo.

Who Is Trey Makai Sibling?
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Who Is Trey Makai Sibling?

The two of Trey Makai’s siblings were raised together. Riley Makai and Ellie Makai, his siblings.

When Trey’s dance videos went viral on social media, he was in the third grade. Trey’s brother Zack served as his most significant source of inspiration, according to one of his Q&A videos on his own YouTube channel.

He is producing content and goods that bring him joy. People adore Zack and Trey’s friendship on TikTok.

His mother, Jen Lugo, manages his social media profiles. In 2021, she posted a free dance video of her son on her TikTok account. 88.8k people have liked it as of December 2022. A lip balm, his first piece of merchandise, is currently offered online.

Riley, Trey, and Ellie’s mother, Jen Lugo, is also the creator of Verefina. She runs a business and oversees Trey and Ellie’s TikTok page.

She is Verefina’s owner. She provides information about her skincare products on her Verefina account. As of 2022, the mother of three had 112.8k followers and 528.6k likes.

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Trey Makai Brother Riley Makai

Riley Makai is the brother of Trey Makai.

Another cousin brother of his is the online content creator Zack Lugo, age 21. Trey and Zack frequently work together and exchange dance and joke videos.

Zack was born in Idaho and will turn 21 in 2022. On his TikTok account, his mother, Lori Sommers Lugo, frequently appears.

Haylie is the sister of Zack, a social media influencer. In terms of his romantic relationships, Zack is dating Emma Brooks McAllister.

Trey influences teens like no other teen boy or girl can. Despite being only 14, he has been recognized as a prominent influencer. As of 2022, Trey Makai’s YouTube channel had 461k subscribers.

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See Trey Makai Sister Ellie Makai Is A TikTok Star

Trey Makai’s sister, Ellie Makai, is well-known. Ellie Makai, who goes by the handle @itsellie.bellie, is active on TikTok.

As of December 2022, she had 164.7k likes and 14.3k followers. People enjoy watching her humorous content because her videos consistently make people laugh.

Since Tyler was a young child, his family has always been encouraging. He might not be where he is now without their inspiration and assistance.

While creating a YouTube Q&A video, his sister Ellie assisted. Fans want him to respond to a few of the random questions she posed to him.

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