Pauline Hanna, also known as Pauline Polkinghorne, was employed by the Counties Manukau District Health Board as an executive project director. She also participated in the Covid-19 immunization deployment.

Hanna Polkinghorne was discovered dead in April of last year at the Remuera, New Zealand, the home they shared on Upland Road.

Firefighters reportedly responded to a house fire roughly six weeks after her passing. When they got there, they found a portable gas bottle, not the house, was on fire.

NZ Auckland: What Happened With Pauline Polkinghorne Murder Case? Divorce After Husband's Affair With Madison Ashton
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What Happened With Pauline Polkinghorne’s Murder Case?

The reports that on Tuesday, police revealed that Pauline Polkinghorne, 69, had been detained and charged with murdering his wife.

For the past year, no one was aware of the police investigation into Hanna’s death.

On August 16, 2022, the suspected man appeared in the Auckland District Court. He reportedly did not open his eyes once during the 45-minute hearing.

The representative representing Polkinghorne, Rachael Reed QC, opposed requests from the media to take pictures of and record the court proceedings.

It was a painful and “very bad day,” according to the lawyer for her client. Reed claimed that allowing the media to capture and photograph her client would only worsen things.

Divorce After Pauline Polkinghorne’s Husband’s Affair With Madison Ashton

Additional accusations have been made against Pauline’s husband, Philip Polkinghorne, a former eye doctor from Auckland, by the Australian escort Madison Ashton. She claims he first showed interest in her more than two years ago, and her real name is Christine McQueen.

According to, Philip allegedly made the comments in an email intended to accompany Ashton to her Remuera home two and a half years before the passing of his wife, Pauline.

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The escort posted the email from 2018 on social media in October of last year. According to her, Polkinghorne allegedly said that if he divorced Hanna, he would become a multi-millionaire with resources and assets worth $6-7 million.

“She will factor in her inheritance if we live together for the next several months,” Ashton said in the email that was made public. “That way she has time to arrange her future and, yes, she does want to stay married to me.”

Madison also asserted that she was “helping” investigators look into Hanna’s sudden and enigmatic death.

Pauline Polkinghorne Murder And Suspect List

Police have questioned several witnesses, including a barber and a female masseuse who knew Polkinghorne, regarding the slaying of Hanna.

Before her death on Easter Monday in 2021, Pauline Polkinghorne remarked that her marriage to him was “beautiful.” The 69-year-old previously stated that he was being treated as a “person of suspect” by the police in their inquiry.

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According to Ashton, Polkinghorne allegedly sent her video messages in the days leading up to Pauline’s slaying. In the films, which have since been circulated on social media, he discusses Ashton’s pets and their plans for their reunion.

When Auckland Eye, Polkinghorne’s employer, learned through the Herald Sun in May that methamphetamine traces had been found at the Upland Rd property, it opted to enlist the aid of an outside clinical expert for the study.

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