Who Is Paul Graham Wife Jessica Livingston ?

American entrepreneur Paul Graham has been married to Jessica Livingston since 2008.

American author Jessica and her husband Paul are the co-founders of Y Contributor.

Graham has made a name for himself as a venture entrepreneur and programmer by creating the Lisp language. It happened at his previous company, Viaweb. On Lisp and Hackers & Painters are two of his books on computer programming languages that are the most well-known.

A well-known technology journalist named Steven Levey described Paul Graham as a “hacker philosopher.”

His technological career has been tremendously prosperous. He was born in England and moved with his family to the US, where he was raised. His successful nuclear physicist father was the source of his fascination with science and mathematics.

Jessica Livingston Paul Graham
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Paul Graham Wife Jessica Livingston

Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston, co-founders of the Y Combinator business incubator, married.

Jessica Livingston worked at one of Boston’s commercial banks before she wed Paul in 2008. She was eager to leave her job because she did not particularly love it. A few years later, her business partner allowed her to participate in his recently founded venture.

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She attended Phillips Academy in 1989 and was born and raised in the country. Later, she studied at Bucknell University, earning a bachelor’s degree in English.

Since graduating, she has worked in various business and financial positions. She also started a Startup School to help additional people.

She also held the position of vice president of marketing for Adams Harkness Financial Group. She has chosen to keep her Instagram page private, but she is highly active on Twitter, where she routinely talks about various topics and ideas.

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Detail On Paul Graham

Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston married in 2008. They are parents of two children.

Paul still has a family but doesn’t talk about it as much as he formerly did.

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When they first met in 2003 at his house party in Boston, she immediately thought of him as “Mr. Right.”

Jessica worked at a Boston investment bank when the two first started dating. Despite having entirely dissimilar upbringings, the pair was always encouraging of one another.

In one of the interviews, Jessica mentioned that Paul and his friends exposed her to a range of startup sectors. The same year, she also had her book published.

They came up with the idea for Y Combinator while strolling. Jessica would quit her job to work on the project after Paul Graham decided to invest $100,000 in it. Paul’s two friends then each contributed $100,000 to the $200,000 they put up to start Y Combinator.

Y Combinator, situated in California, invited a few undergraduate students to their initial meeting. The company is valued at more than $100 billion overall and has worked with more than 1800 companies. Paul and Jessica have worked with companies with significant market values, including Dropbox and Airbnb.

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