Who Is Kasper Hjulmand Wife Vibeke Hjulmand?

When they were both still in college, the Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand and his wife Vibeke Hjulmand fell in love. 

Over three decades have passed since Vibeke and Kasper started dating. Kasper, a former player, is currently in charge of coaching Denmark.

In 1987, he began playing football for the Randers Freja organization. Hjulmand’s football career had to end at age 26 due to a knee injury.

In 2008, FC Nordsjaelland hired him as an assistant after appointing him as Lyngby’s head coach in 2006. Kasper has always been honest and open-minded while sharing his views and notion of success.

He once remarked that he found award collection more interesting than the joy the trophy had brought to so many other Americans. Denmark was led by him to the 2020 Euro semifinals.

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Who Is Kasper Hjulmand Wife Vibeke Hjulmand?

Kasper Hjulmand, the national team’s head coach for Denmark, is married to Vibeke Hjulmand. She was raised on Bornholm, a Danish island.

Vibeke Hjulmand enrolled in Dansk Psycholog Forening University as soon as she obtained her diploma from Bornholms Erhvervskole.

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Previously, she had served as the staff secretary at Dansk Psykolog Forening. Vibeke is active on Facebook, where she goes by the handle @Vibeke Hjulmand.

Her three children’s Facebook accounts now feature fresh images. She is a devoted wife and mother. At every stage of life, she has supported her husband and kids.

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Exploring Vibeke Hjulmand Married Life

Kasper and Vibeke Hjulmand had a happy marriage. The couple started dating in 1992 while they were still in college and have been together ever since.

Their three children are Mikkel, Marcus, and Liva Hjulmand, two sons and a daughter respectively. Their oldest kid, Marcus, was born in 1999.

(Image Source: billedbladet.dk)

Their youngest kid Liva was born in 2009, while their second child Mikkel was born in 1997. Vibeke has continuously backed his husband’s professional endeavors.

Vibeke quit her work and relocated to Germany with her husband and their three children in 2015, when Hjulmand was hired by Bundesliga team Mainz. The family lived in Lillard, North Zealand, for a while.

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Relationship Timeline Of Kasper Hjulmand And Vibeke Hjulmand

Kasper and Vibeke fell in love right away in 1992. He had no notion who was who when he first saw Vibeke as a freshman in college. Kasper started to like Vibeke when she suddenly materialized there.

That summer, instead of taking his family to Sweden to witness the EC final, he went to visit his in-laws on Bornholm. Usually, Vibeke Hjulmand goes to sporting events with her husband.

Vibeke may be spotted with her husband, daughter, and other family members at some of the events. She made an appearance on TV 2 Charlie and gave her spouse accolades.

Attendee Vibeke Hjulmand liked the program and that they would never forget the year. 2021 will always be remembered by Kasper and Vibeke Hjulmand as a year that fundamentally altered their lives.

Hjulmand draws a lot of inspiration from Vibeke. She is sympathetic, pursues a “altruistic existence,” and fights for the rights of those she values. Kasper enjoys spending time with his devoted wife.

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