Rainer Schaller Wife, Earnings, Net Worth, Children and Family

Christine Schikorsky is the wife of German businessman Rainer Schaller.

Rainer Schaller, a well-known German businessman, regularly makes headlines. On January 4, 1969, in Bamberg, West Germany, a prominent business pioneer, and company founder was born.

The entrepreneur is the CEO and founder of RSGGroup GmbH. His company operates the fitness facilities McFit, John Reeds, and Gold’s Gym.

McFit is the most extensive network of fitness centers in Germany, with 246 studios and more than 1.4 million gym members in countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Poland.

Famous personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Dapper, and others are well-known American Gold Gym members.

Rainer has made a market for other people who like to work out that has great service and great equipment. He is a well-known personality in the fitness business and the owner of some of the most prominent gyms in the world.

Rainer Schaller
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Rainer Schaller’s Wife Christine Schikorsky

Christine Schikorsky, owner of GoldGym, has been Rainer Schaller’s longterm partner.

Rainer Schaller has been silent about his connection with Christine. However, she has been spotted with him several times and is always at his side.

Even though she is the girlfriend of a multimillionaire, she values humility and dislikes showing off her lavish lifestyle in public.

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The current companion of Rainer, who is 53 years old, is the opposite. Due to their different ages, they are nine years apart in age.

Despite having a significant age gap, their love for one another has remained constant. Moreover, they have great chemistry when participating in different activities together.

WifeChristine Schikorsky

Rainer Schaller’s salary in 2022

Entrepreneur Rainer Schaller owns a large number of gyms and has a wealth of $250 million.

Rainer began his career in the fitness business in 1997 when he launched the first McFit gym in Germany. He founded his gym because he liked working out and wanted to do something for his own Germany.

Schaller’s gym employed tens of thousands of people, and the number kept growing every day. This helped him build an empire in the fitness industry. In addition, his gyms generated significant riches for him.

In 2020, the renowned gym in America, Gold Gym, went bankruptcy before the COVID outbreak. However, he also acquired and claimed control of it by expanding his network.

Net Worth$250 million

Children and Family of Rainer Schaller

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Rainer Schaller and Christine, his fiance, are parents to two stunning girls who make up their family of four.

The multimillionaire’s two daughters, Aaron and Finja, are three years apart in age.

The stunning daughters enjoy time with their devoted parents. She still makes time for her girls despite his demanding job obligations and busy schedule.

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