Who Are Joan Cusack’s Children?

Dylan John and Miles John, the children of Joan Cusack, are three years apart. Dylan John has experience as a voice actor.

The American actress is well-known for her performances as Emily Montgomery in In& Out and Cyn in The Working Girl. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for those parts.

Cusack is also well-known for playing Sheila Jackson in the Shameless television series, which stars William H. Macy, Ethan Cutkosky, Emmy Rossum, and others.

Parents Ann Paula Cusack and Dck Cusack welcomed her into the world in 1962. Two of Cusack’s four siblings, John and Ann Cusack, are fellow performers.

Who Are Joan Cusack's Children?
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Who Are Joan Cusack’s Children?

Dylan Cusack, a child of Joan Miles and John Burke, was born in 1997 and 2000, respectively. The age of Dylan and Miles is twenty. The actress and her husband, Richard, are good parents to their children.

After one year of marriage to Richard, Joan gave birth to her first child, a son named Dylan. According to reports, the couple exchanged wedding vows in 1996.

The spouse of the actress is not a frequent user of social media. As a result, specific details about their familial relationship are still unknown. Nevertheless, we think their family is happy.

Joan discussed parenting on HuffPost and disclosed that she follows a culture of allowing her sons the freedom to be themselves.

She attempts to set an example for children by demonstrating that despite mistakes and failures, one can get back up and try again.

Cusack has already appeared in public with her sons on numerous occasions. In March 2005, she joined her sister Ann Cusack and son Miles at the El Capitan Theatre for the world premiere of their Disney film.

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The entire four-person family, including Joan, her husband, and their two sons, were also captured on camera posing on the red carpet at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles in September 2013.

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Dylan John Burke

In 1996, Joan and her husband of 26 years, Richard Burke, received their first child, a son named Dylan John Burke.

On his mother’s side, the baby boy was born in June 1999 into a famous family.

Dylan’s mother, aunts Ann and Susie Cusack, uncles Bill and John Cusack, and grandfather Dick Cusack are all entertainment industry members.

He and his younger brother Miles are three years apart in age. Despite having a family background of famous people, he has been successful in leading a private online life.

By the year 2022, he will be 25. The 2011 episode of Phineas and Ferb included the star child as a voice actor.

John must get along well with his parents despite leading a quiet private life away from the spotlight. His parents have already been married for more than 20 years.

Under the handle dylanburke24 on Instagram, he is reachable. Dylan has amassed over 1,000 followers on the social network, but the account is still hidden.

Dylan had already appeared in front of the public at numerous events with his parents and sibling. Important information about their personal and professional lives is currently hidden.

Miles Burke

Three years after the birth of Dylan Burke, Joan Burke’s second son, Miles Burke, was born. The year Miles turned 22.

He and his brother are the mother’s children, and she feels lucky and privileged to have them.

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Despite juggling her personal and professional obligations, Miles’ mother never missed an opportunity to develop a solid mother-son relationship.

He also leads a private life free from the constant scrutiny of the media, one that is just as private as the wedding ceremony of Miles’ parents, Joan and Richard.

Soon after the wedding, Joan, Burke’s mother, left her job to devote more time to her family. Joan claims that because Miles and his brother reside in Chicago, the city keeps them grounded.

In contrast to their experience in Los Angeles, his mother noted that residing in Chicago stops the family from centering around movies and technology and fosters excellent family time.

The June 2018 graduation of Miles. On June 9, 2018, his maternal uncle, actor John Cusack, posted a picture of him graduating on Twitter.

“Happy graduation to the gorgeous young man in the center of the pic,” wrote the 56-year-old uncle John.

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