Who Is Rosie Morley’s Husband Rob McNaught?

Rob McNaught is the spouse of Rosie Morley. Rob and Rosie both work as interior designers.

Interior designer Rosie Morley has won awards for her work. In her area, she has about 20 years of expertise. Alongside Paddy Milne, Rosie co-hosts the television show Selling The City.

On Selling The City, host Rosie Morley and Paddy Milne seek to break down a new kind of barrier: the one that conceptually separates interior inspiration from outside experts.

The show is about how people try to increase the value of a property that has been put up for sale by one of the show’s competitors.

The couple immerses themselves in the area after receiving the keys and a budget that ranges from $45K to $140K to learn what makes its residents tick and, more crucially, what they value in a property and are ready to pay top price for.

Who Is Rosie Morley's Husband Rob McNaught?
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Who Is Rosie Morley’s Husband, Rob McNaught?

Her spouse, Rob McNaught, is an interior designer like Rosie Morley. Rosie and Rob have collaborated on designing and renovating numerous homes and buildings.

The husband and the wife thought it was their duty to rebuild homes that had lost their uniqueness and touch.

Robert has more than 20 years of expertise working with technology in the government, defence, financial, transportation, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

This experience includes cloud, Windows, communications services, security, and data centre management. According to Robert’s LinkedIn profile, he is an infrastructure and cloud-based solutions authority.

For two years, he worked as a full-time principal consultant at Tesltra Purple. The architect is a somewhat seasoned man who is actively remodeling many dilapidated structures with his wife.

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Because Rob is a project coordinator at Creature Technology and Rosie is the associate director at the architectural and design company Carr, the couple conducted this restoration individually.

Rosie has collaborated on key projects in Australia and abroad, including Central Place Sydney, Midtown Centre in Brisbane, and Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur, in the public realm and ground plane experiences. She works at Fender Katsalidis as a principal.

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Rosie Morley And Robert McNaught Biography

The husband and wife pair recently upgraded an outdated home to a luxurious modern one. Rosie and Rob believed it was their responsibility as designers to “re-live” a crumbling building into their new house.

They found an old 1870s pub they had previously marveled at due to its dilapidated state while looking for a suitable heritage property in the Macedon Ranges where Rosie grew up. They decided to buy it.

At the time of purchase, the property could not be lived in because rats, bats, and owls lived there. There was wire around the outside to keep animals out. It was immediately clear that a complete reconstruction was required.

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After enduring two significant bushfires, the tavern was shut down in 1959, and several locals eventually used it as a halfway house.

The project nearly killed them; two weeks before their wedding on the property, Rob ended up in the hospital with exhaustion and pneumonia. It took them over three years to complete.

The outcome, however, was unexpected, and the bar was upgraded to contemporary luxury.

The husband-and-wife team is exceptional and has great talent. They will keep doing so as they both adore remodeling homes and other buildings.

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