Who Are Carey Mulligan Parents? Her Siblings And Early Life

Nano(née Booth) Mulligan and Stephen Mulligan are the proud parents of the accomplished English actress Carey Mulligan.

Carey Mulligan made her screen debut as Kitty Bennet, one of the Bennet sisters, in the 2005 romantic drama movie Pride and Prejudice, which is based on Jane Austen’s 18th-century novel of the same name.

Mulligan has performed on Broadway in addition to movies and television. She received an Ian Charleston Commendation Award for her performance in Anton Chekov’s “Revival” on Broadway.

Mulligan is known for portraying complex female characters, from Daisy Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby” to a troubled young woman in the academy Award-winning comedy-thriller “Promising Young Woman.”

Who Are Carey Mulligan Parents?
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Who Are Carey Mulligan Parents? Explore About Her Siblings And Early Life In This Post.

Carey Mulligan Parents: Nano and Stephen Mulligan Explored

Carey Mulligan was born on May 28th, 1985, to parents Nano (née Booth) and Stephen Mulligan in Westminster, London, England. Carey has Irish and English ancestry because her father, Stephen Mulligan, is of Irish descent and is from Liverpool, Ireland.

Her mother, Nano (formerly Booth, now Mulligan), is a native of the Welsh village of Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire. While Nano was an academic lecturer, her father was a hotel manager. In their twenties, the actress’s parents met while employed at the same hotel.

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Carey is Mulligan’s only daughter and youngest child; they also have an older son, Owain Patrick Mulligan. Denzil Booth, Carey’s maternal grandpa, was in the military during World War II. In “My Grandparent’s War,” she related his experiences as a navy radar artillery officer.

Carey Mulligan Silbings Details

Owain Patrick Mulligan, a Captain in the British Army, is Carey Mulligan’s brother. In 2012, he was sent to Afghanistan. The official languages of Afghanistan are Dari and Pashto, which Owain learned while serving as a linguist and mentoring Afghan forces.

Her brother, a modern history major who earned his degree from Oxford University, enlisted in the military and volunteered to serve with the Territorial Army in Iraq.

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He served with the Royal Artillery for a while before receiving his degree. He was a captain when he left the police and went to work for a business consulting firm. Carey became the ambassador for the charity Warchild in 2014 due to her brother Owain.

During his Afghanistan stay, Owain discovered that the Taliban were aiming for a girls’ school close to the military base. The local girls’ school’s water supply was tainted, so Owain and the troops dug a new well for the students and took the initiative to raise money for the institution.

The organization that responded immediately and gave the school money was Warchild, which made it possible for the girls’ school to reopen.

Because of her brother’s efforts, she decided to represent the charity and aid children in war-related nations. Carey developed an interest in acting after seeing her brother perform in “The King and I” production at his school.

Early Life Of Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan, an English actress, spent her early years alternating between the U.K. and Germany. Carey was born in Westminster, London, but the family had to relocate to Germany because of her father’s job as a hotel manager.

With her brother Owain, Carey went to the International School of Düsseldorf in Germany. When Carey was eight years old, the family returned to the U.K. At the Surrey independent school Woldingham School, Carey continued her education.

When she was six years old, she became interested in acting after seeing her brother perform in the school’s production of “The King and I.” She rose to become the drama department’s head at her school and was deeply involved in the performing arts, taking part in several plays and musicals and staging productions.

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Her decision to pursue acting as a career was strengthened when she saw Kenneth Branagh in Henry V at age 16, her parents disapproved of her goals and choice of profession. When she was 17 years old, she even attempted to enrol in London Drama schools instead of universities, but she was rejected.

Carey persisted in her search despite actor Julian Fellowes’ dismissive advice to marry a lawyer during his lecture on the school’s production of “Gosford Park.”

She even claimed in a letter to Fellowes that she was committed to acting. Then Fellowes’ wife, Emma, extended an invitation to her to attend a dinner the Fellowes’ hosted for aspiring actors.

She met a casting assistant at the dinner, who helped her get an audition for the Pride and Prejudice movie. As a result, Carey Mulligan made her acting debut in Pride and Prejudice, a movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s 18th-century romance book, as Kitty Bennet.

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