The happy couple, Drake and David Beaubien tied the knot on June 4, 2016. Together, Joyful and David have raised a stunning little girl.

For her role as Melina in 2022’s Unthinably Good Things, the 46-year-old actress has become widely acclaimed. Others knew her from her part in Hush, the sexy scandal drama by ALLBLK.

The show chronicles the lives of Dr Draya Logan (Joyful) and her friends Erica Mena (also in the cast), Caryn Ward Ross (also in the form), and Candiace Dillard as they take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a luxurious penthouse for Logan’s Penthouse Project.

Once they find a corpse, everything goes downhill, revealing a web of deceit and hidden agendas. After discovering that the doctor had covertly videotaped her friends’ antics, the season finales left us with more questions than answers. Her verdict will be made public on Thursday, January 19, on ALLBLK.

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Joyful Drake And Her Husband, David Beaubien

David Beaubien and Happy Drake have been married for six years. David Beaubien prefers to stay out of the spotlight and has no interest in being interviewed.

Since their wedding in 2015, the actress has given fans peeks into her private life with her husband. At first, he was only in the background of some of the pictures, but as time passed, he began to play more of a pivotal part.

The wedding ceremony, which took place some months after the Thanksgiving celebration, solidified the fans’ convictions.

Montego Bay, headquarters of Saint James Parish on Jamaica’s north coast, had a small festival in honour of the bride and husband.

The bride accessorized her gown with a flower crown and a lengthy veil, while the groom chose a pastel suit to match the setting.

They flew from Los Angeles to the tropical location, with a body of water in the background of the event. Though his profession remains a mystery, he succeeds in maintaining the contentment of his queen.

Factoring into this is that he keeps a low profile online, which has made it impossible to learn anything about him thanks to his social media accounts being set to private.

True, they jetted out on their honeymoon, seeing Rome and Florence in Italy. His faithful wife remembers to wish him a happy birthday every May 17.

She always takes every chance to honour his memory, no matter how busy she is with work or how far away she has to travel for filming.

In 2017, she posted a nice statement and a photo of them basking in the sun on a beach to Instagram to honour his vivacity.

The Couple Share A Common Interest In Baseball

Joyful, an American actress and her husband David share a fairytale relationship. The two avoid the cameras in their daily lives. She has been posting private photos of her lover, now her partner, for as long as we have known him.

As a married couple, they share a common interest in baseball, and it’s been said that couples that share hobbies tend to stay together.

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In 2018, the duo went undercover by donning sunglasses and hats while rooting for the Pack. On the weekend, the Rams and the Packers competed to see who could get the biggest fan support to take home the championship.

Pregnancy Announcement

Joyful felt ready to start a family after she and her husband had married for a while. The parents-to-be were so overjoyed about the impending arrival of their first daughter that they decided to have a pregnancy photo session in honour of Mother’s Day.

The woman wore a yellow two-piece revealing her pregnant tummy as the couple cuddled and kissed. Furthermore, they had the news before we did, sending out cryptic Valentine’s Day notes in February. If including her stomach would have ruined their surprise, he avoided doing so.

Christmas Celebration Of The Couple With Their Child

They finally celebrated Christmas together as a married couple six years after they tied the knot when they met with fans of the band Joyful.

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They were a family of three, and her kid was decked up in the holiday’s traditional red and green. Their presents were ripe for the taking; the actress had received a candle.

Premiere Of Hush

Joyful’s career took off with Hush, but she wouldn’t share the milestone with anybody save her true love. Octet Productions invited the parents to the premiere of Hush, so they spent the evening away from the kids.

The bride and groom wore royal purple, while the groom wore a purple suit. They were not camera shy as they kissed in front of the excited flashes of the cameras. She was the evening’s protagonist and the focus of all attention.

Siblings Of Drake

Since birth, Drake has been surrounded by her three sisters. Joyful had a passion for acting at a young age, and she and her siblings spent their early years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She had an excellent voice and won two state titles for her staller performance of “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr.

Her three sisters were completely behind her choice. She utilized her fame to bring attention to issues that affected real people, much like Krystal did.

She has no qualms about upsetting the status quo by bringing attention to the atrocities that have driven a wedge between the people of that region.

Meanwhile, Joyful takes a backseat and channels her good vibes into the world around her. She immerses herself in the young people’s success stories as host of a mentorship program.

She is the organization’s main spokesman, encouraging young women to dream big and setting them on the path to a successful future.

Krystal is an actor in the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, so the sister shares her passion for the stage. In 2019, she finally performed at the prestigious Chicago Theatre, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

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