Who Are Ava Kolker Siblings?

American actress Ava Kolker is living with her siblings Jade Kolker, Kayla Kolker, and Lexy Kolker.

Young actress Kolker is best known for playing Ava Morgenstern in the Disney Channel comedy series Girl Meets World.

The Boy Meets World spin-off series featured the actress regularly for all three seasons, and she was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

Kolker is a pop singer, in addition to being an actress. Six singles have already been released by the singer, the most recent being All to Myself, which came out earlier this month.

Ava Kolker
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Who Are Ava Kolker Siblings?

The three members of Ava’s family are the two older Kolker sisters, Jade and Kayla, and Lexi, the youngest. A native of California, Ava Kolker.

Lexi Kolker

Ava’s younger sister, Lexi Kolker, was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 17, 2009. The televised appearances of her older sister Ava also influenced young Lexi, who is interested in acting.

Lexi started coming to auditions when she was five years old, and a few months later, she was fortunate to have her first advertising booked. As Tatiana Taylor, she made her acting debut in a 2015 Criminal Minds episode.

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She was chosen to play Mary Swagger, the child of Ryan Phillipe and Shantel VanShanten, in the action thriller Shooter. Her numerous performances on the show helped her get much-needed attention and led to her being nominated for a Young Entertainer Award.

For her performance as Chloe in the 2018 science fiction thriller film Freaks, she also received a Young Artists Award and a Saturn Award. Additionally, Lexi has the opportunity to work with Ava.

Lexi and Ava portrayed young Robin on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. Lexi appeared in six episodes in the fifth season, while Ava did so in the eighth.

In the tense 2022 film Manifest West, written and directed by Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson, the sister pair made a comeback. Ava portrays Lana Danik, the character who tells the story, and Lexi portrays Riley Hayes, a 10-year-old kid.

Jade Kolker

Two young actors named Ava and Lexi Kolker have a sibling named Jade, who is older. The Woodland Hills native, now age 21, was born in September 2001 and resided in Torrance, California.

Although they shared the same father, they were born to two separate mothers. Jade was born to Doug Kolker and Elisa Kokler; her sisters Ava and Lexi are from Doug Kolker’s second marriage to Sandrine Kolker.

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Jade attended South Torrance High School and has previous Enagic experience. The older sister needs to be profiled more, even if she tries to keep her private life off social media.

Despite this, she still has a considerable Instagram following. She has 16.7K network followers while having only 89 posts.

Kayla Kolker

The eldest sister of Ava and Lexi Kokler, Kayla Kokler, is also a performer. The oldest Kokler sibling, Kayla, was born in 1988 in Woodland Hills, California.

The 24-year-old actor is best known for his part in Victorious, a popular Nickelodeon sitcom. The cast of the Dan Schneider-produced show includes pop artist Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett, Elizabeth Gillies, Daniella Monet, and Avan Jogia.

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In the eighth episode of season four of the 2012 movie One Thousand Berry Balls, she played Milly Mooney. However, the actress has yet to be in different films or T.V. shows since then.

Kayla is more drawn to her artistic side as a painter than an actress. She has chosen to live a more spiritual and environmentally sensitive lifestyle, as evidenced by her Instagram account.

Ava Kolker Parents: Sandrine And Doug Kolker

Ava Kolker was born to Doug and Sandrine Kolker in Los Angeles, California, in December 2006. The family lived in Florida for a year before returning to the western Pacific coast.

Two of Doug and Sandrine Kokler’s daughters are Ava and Lexi, her younger sister. Both of their daughters were young performers in the movie Midland West.

Who Is Sandrine Kolker ?

Vice President of Bank of America Merchant Services and mother to Ava and Lexi Kolker. She and her husband, Dug Kolker, reside in Woodland Hills, California.

The merchant specialist has been the Business Banking VP for thirteen years as of 2022. She works as a sales representative and business consultant for the South Bay and Coastal Markets in Los Angeles.

Before completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California, Sandrine attended California State Polytechnic University-Pomona from 1986 to 1988. She graduated from Magna Laude with a bachelor’s in finance in about 1990.

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She was an active member of several organizations throughout college, including the U.S.C. chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi and the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority at California Polytechnic.

Before working at B.O.A. Merchant Services, she held positions as regional president at A.C.N. Telecommunications, sales and business development representative at Macquarie Mortgages U.S.A., and G.E. Financial Services – W.M.C. Mortgage.

Doug Kolker Is A Businessman

The founder and C.E.O. of SDK Ventures I.N.C., situated in Calabasas, California, is Doug Kolker, the father of Ava Kolker. The C.E.O. of his company oversees a US-wide marketing campaign.

His wife, Sandrine Kolker, with whom he has two children, Ava and Lexi, the father of four, is a caring parent. During their previous union, Doug and Elisa Kolker’s daughters Kayla and Jade Kolker shared a home.

Before becoming his supervisor, Doug worked for G.E. Capital for eleven years in the financial services industry. His industry produced the most closed monthly transactions, averaging between $50,000,000 and $100,000,000 annually.

Doug is an accomplished sportsperson who excels at racquet and golf. In 2009, the competitor, who had been playing paddle tennis since he was seven, held the top rank worldwide.

He also coached tennis for several well-known individuals in Malibu around the beginning of the 1990s, including Tony Danza, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Quincy Jones, Steve Ross, Pia Zadora, and many others.

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