Penny Hardaway Wife, Children And Childhood Story

Mary McDonnell is married to Penny Hardaway. Jayden Hardaway, the youngest of Penny’s four children, was born in 1999.

He’s the leader of the basketball team, and he plays the game professionally. When it comes to men’s basketball in the American Athletic Conference, he’s the man in charge of the Memphis Tigers.

During his time in college, he earned the Naismith Award for College Player of the Year and was named to the U.S.A. Basketball Development Team.

Penny’s professional career began when he joined the Golden State Warriors. He finished second in voting for N.B.A. Rookie of the Year and was selected to the N.B.A.’s All-Rookie Team.

As a 1996 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team member, he brought home the gold medal. He guided the Tigers to the N.I.T. in his first season as a head coach.

He had a brief acting career in addition to his sports one. Blue Chips is a movie about collegiate basketball in which he appears.

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Penny Hardaway’s Wife, Mary McDonnell

Penny Hardaway and Mary McDonnell, his wife, have a strong marriage. Penny dated Dionne before he got married.

As a result of his heterosexuality, he is the father of four children. Latarsha McCray, a high school sweetheart, was the impetus for his initial public appearance.

Penny is the mother of two beautiful little girls. Following the breakup of his engagement to Latarsha, he began dating Nikki Ward.

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With his wife Nikki, he has had a single son, a basketball player for the University of Memphis. He eventually moved on to a new girlfriend, Dionne, and fathered a son when his marriage to Nikki terminated.

Penny’s Instagram is primarily filled with pictures of his children. You can follow him on Instagram at @iam1cent and on Twitter at @Iam1Cent.

Children Of Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway is a father of four young adults: boys Jayden and Ashton and daughters LaTanfernee and Layla.

His kid is following in his footsteps and is playing football at the professional level. Both LaTanfernee (1992) and Layla (1995) are his daughters.

Penny’s high school sweetheart, Latarsha McCray, is the mother of her daughters, LaTanfernee and Layla. Nikki Ward gave birth to Jayden, and Dionne had Ashton.

Hardaway’s Daughter, LaTanfernee Hardaway

The eldest Hardaway girl is named LaTanfernee. It was in 1992 when her birth occurred. The C.E.O. of the L.H.X. collection is LaTanfernee. Necklaces and pendants from the L.H.X. line.

They are now dating each other. On July 18, 2022, a baby boy was born to them. On March 12, 2022, she sent a message to her Instagram account announcing that she was expecting.

LaTanfernee has shared baby photos on her Instagram account. She’s got an excellent eye for style. She uses Instagram to spread the word about her line as well. You may find her on Instagram as @tanfernee or on Twitter as @latanfernee.

Memphis Tiger Men’s Basketball

As a Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team member, Jayden plays the sport professionally. On July 16, 1999, his birth occurred.

He was a key player for the 2017 T.S.S.A.A. Class A.A.A. state champion Memphis East High School Eagles.
Jayden attended Miami Palmetto for his junior year before transferring to East High.

As a first-year player in 2019, he got into 22 contests. In the season opener against South Carolina State, he scored a career-high nine points.

He appeared in 28 games in the 2020-21 season, averaging 10 minutes per contest. He played in 23 games as a redshirt junior and contributed an average of 2.9 points and 1.0 rebounds per game. To follow Jayden on Instagram, search for the username @jhardaway01.

Whom Does Ashton Currently Plays For?

Ashton currently plays basketball for the Memphis Tigers men’s team. As of November 16, 2022, he is a member of the Tigers organization.

Simply put, he is a 2023 forward who is rated as a four-star prospect. When he was in school, he attended Sierra Canyon High.

Ashton benefited from the generosity of the universities of Kansas, Los Angeles, and San Diego, all of which awarded him a scholarship. His father was a significant factor in his decision to go to Memphis.

His overall rating from 247 Sports Composite is a three-star prospect. Ashton Hardaway’s social media handles are Ashton.hardaway@ and @ash hardaway.

About Penny Hardaway’s Childhood

Penny Hardaway’s mother and father were Fae Hardaway and Eddie Golden. Penny’s date of birth is July 18, 1971, and she was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

When he was little, his mother uprooted them and headed for the Golden State. Louise, his grandma, raised him.

But when Fae was 14 years old, he came back. She constantly encouraged and cheered her son as he worked toward his professional goals.

Hardaway’s grandma discouraged his interest in football out of concern about his safety. He was a member of the Memphis Y.M.C.A. Jr. basketball team when he was young.

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He made his parents proud by becoming a successful basketball player. At the Orlando Magic’s 7th Annual Black Tie & Tennies Charity Gala, Penny was presented with the Orlando Magic’s highest community service honor.

The unwavering love and encouragement he received from his mother were the driving force behind his success. Many of us were raised in the same manner by my mom, and she had a lot of aid from our dad.”

Family Tree Of The Hardaway

His grandma Louise reared Penny after her mother went to find employment in California. Louise worked as a chef at an elementary school. She tried her hardest to provide for her mother, father, and Penny.

Hardaway is thankful for her grandmother’s love and encouragement to this day. Her parents, Fae and Eddie, have always been by his side.

Also a product of Memphis State, Hardaway has a wealth of Tigers pride. Penny is grateful to Latarsha McCray, his firstborn daughter, for teaching him about ambition and proposing.

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