Jim Jefferies Wife, Children Married Life And Family Details

Tasie Lawrence, the wife of musician Jim Jefferies, is an English actress and singer. Jim and Tasie tied the knot in Perth, Australia, in the fall of 2020.

The American actor and comedian became well-known thanks to his late-night program on comedy central and his starring role in the Fx comedy series Legit.

After abandoning his academic pursuits, he embarked on a career as a stand-up comedian. At the beginning of his career, Jefferies relied primarily on one-liners, but later he shifted to using anecdotal comedy throughout his hour-long shows.

In 2007, the comic became famous after a fan assaulted him after a performance at the Manchester Comedy Festival.

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Jim Jefferies’s Wife, Tasie Lawrence

Tasie Lawrence, Jim Jefferies’ wife, is a musician and vocalist who occasionally performs. The first member of the Jim and Tasie family was born not too long ago.

Anastasia Katya Breezy “Tasie” Dhanraj is an English-Guyanese model named Anastasia Katya Breezy.

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Like her husband, she holds U.S. and U.K. citizenship after being born on December 22nd, 1990, in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Both her part as Mara Jaffrey on the Nickelodeon adolescent program and her performance in House of Anubis have brought her widespread recognition.

Fans and reviewers alike praised Lawrence’s performance in the film The Tower, in which she also featured.

Jim Jefferies And Tasie Lawrence’s Relationship

Jim Jefferies and Tasie Lawrence tied the knot in Perth, Australia, at a small, private ceremony in 2020. Because of the intimate nature of the occasion, only a select group of friends and family members were invited.

She captioned a photo of them kissing at their wedding, “Married to my closest friend,” on Instagram. They’ve been married for three years, and in that time, she’s already changed Jim for the better.

His new lifestyle includes being vegan and giving up alcohol permanently. Tasie Lawrence, who has posted a snapshot of herself on Instagram, is 30 years old, yet she still looks beautiful.

She and her husband’s passion for one another are evident in the many photos she publishes of him on social media. Since marrying her, he has gained an extra decade of life expectancy; he told Daily Mail.

Jim Jeffries’s Ex Girlfriend

The two (Jim Jeffries and Kate Luyben) used to be items. They had their first encounter in 2011 on the set of Legit.

She has been in several television programs and hails from Canada. Luyben has also appeared in several films as an actor. Fans are mainly familiar with her from her parts in programs like “Two and a Half Men” and “True Blood.”

At the premiere of his comedy Legit in November 2012, the couple proudly introduced the world to their newborn baby, Hank.

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A few months after the birth of his son, Jim came clean about his relationship with Kate. However, they parted ways and went their ways not long after.

They’re still on good terms and doing everything they can to raise their kid together. Kate, who has not been seen in public since their split, is reportedly leading a quiet life of seclusion.

However, the comedian has put his new family with Tasie Lawrence and his burgeoning profession first.

Jim Jefferies’s Children, Hank Jefferies And Charlie Jefferies

Hank and Charlie Jefferies are two of Jim’s offspring. The age difference between Hank (11) and Charlie (12 months) is significant.

Hank Jefferies, Jim’s kid, was born to Jim and his ex-girlfriend Kate Luyben in 2012. Since he is still a kid and still needs to attend school, he has not had the same high-profile careers as his famous parents.

Even Jefferies doesn’t share details about his private life on social media because he believes doing so negatively affects his life.

Kate and Hank are very close to Jim Jefferies’ family. They have frequently been spotted with their kid, clearly committed to providing him with all the love and encouragement they can.

In 2021, Jim Jefferies welcomed a new member of the family—a son named Charlie Jefferies. A recent Instagram post by his sister Tasie reveals that he has begun to take his first hesitant steps toward independence from his parents.

She has recently started posting many photos of her kid on her social media accounts. The couple celebrated Charlie’s first easter egg with close friends and family with a festive meal.

Tasie also disclosed that she struggled with postpartum depression after having a baby. She sent a message of encouragement to Instagram for all the mothers going through this.

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