John Calipari Daughter: Megan Calipari Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Husband, And Children Details

John Calipari, head coach of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, is the father of Megan Calipari.

Because she is the well-known daughter of the most successful college head coach in the past ten years, Megan has found it difficult to stay out of the spotlight.

Both a pastry chef and a recipe developer, Megan has a job. Even the pickiest members of the family will like the nutritious vegan meals she makes with products that are easily accessible.

John has been the University of Kentucky’s head coach since 2009. He led his team to victory at the NCAA Championship in 2012. He also helped Memphis & UMass get to the Final Four in 1996 and 2008.

Ultimately, both of those victories were overturned, but Calipari was exonerated in both instances. Additionally, Kentucky has won four Final Fours under Calipari’s leadership.

With 768 victories that could be verified as of March 5, 2022, he was the 17th-winningest coach in NCAA Division I history. He has one national title under his belt.

Megan Calipari
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Who Is John Calipari Daughter? Megan Calipari Wikipedia Bio

Megan Calipari is not only the youngest child of Coach John Calipari but also a well-known chef and cuisine critic. She’s a vegetarian, but she’s more well-known for her numerous vegan dessert and dinner recipes.

She prepares trustworthy vegan meals that are simple to prepare using products that are typically found in a cupboard. She was the only Calipari family member to choose not to play sports in high school or college.

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While creating recipes for vegan and plant-based diets, Megan blogs about her delectable meals. Her website, Earthly-provisions, states that she likes all things gourmet, specializes in pastry cuisine and enjoys being outside.

All of her dishes are suitable for beginners because she uses straightforward cooking methods and simple, accessible ingredients. In her spare time, Megan enjoys going on hikes, skiing, and playing with her dog the outdoors.

Full NameMegan Calipari
Age33 years
ProfessionPastry Chef

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Meet Megan Calipari Parents

Ellen Calipari, Megan’s mother, enjoys a variety of activities, including baking, gardening, painting, and crafting. She appears to have inherited her grandmother’s passion for baking from Megan, who bakes delicious pastries with her.

She had a significant impact on Megan’s drive and growth of interest in pursuing a career as a pastry chef. The vegan-only Earthly Bakers Co. bakery is owned and operated by Megan.

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She has a selection of unique custom cake products available on her own website. The cakes can be further customized by adding different fillings, toppings, sizes, and flavors, such as vanilla, lemon, chocolate, chai spice, and gluten-free chocolate.

She graduated from high school in 2008 and went to Briarcrest Christian School. 2013 saw her graduate with distinction from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Although she was a successful chef, unlike her siblings, she didn’t play collegiate basketball.

FatherJohn Calipari

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Details On Megan Calipari Husband And Children

Michael Cotton and Megan Calipari have been married since that year. John Calipari’s second daughter wed in a quiet ceremony in front of a small group of friends and her family.

Before agreeing to get married, Megan and Michael, who both enjoyed the outdoors, dated for a long time. Since then, the two have been able to support one another through some of the most trying circumstances and follow the development of one another’s careers.

The two respect one other’s professional paths despite coming from diverse backgrounds. They both enjoy being outside and spending time with animals, and Michael works as a firefighter for the town of Hingham, Massachusetts.

The chef routinely posts pictures of their dog, Maverick, and their travels on Instagram. The fact that the life partners had comparable interests and activities may have contributed to their compatibility.

The lovely couple is currently prioritizing their relationship and careers. Right now, they are happy to be living together.

HusbandMichael Cotton

How Old Is Megan Calipari? Her Age

Megan Calipari, John Calipari’s youngest child, turns 33 this year on November 20, 2022. She has an elder sister named Erin and a younger brother named Brad. She is the family’s middle kid.

Her mother is a role model housewife, while her father is a well-known college basketball coach. Erin is a pharmacology instructor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Basic Sciences.

Her objective is to comprehend how the circuitry of the brain influences motivation, associative learning, and reward in both favorable and unfavorable ways.

She participated in sports while a student-athlete at “White Station High School,” playing hockey, softball, and basketball.

She was one of the first in her family to decide to go to school and seek a career in academia. For two seasons, Megan’s brother Brad played basketball for Kentucky.

He will graduate from Kentucky in May 2019 and join the University of Detroit Mercy basketball team, where he will be eligible for two more seasons (UDM).

He, therefore, decided not to utilize the additional athletic season that had been given to all NCAA basketball players as a result of COVID-19.

Instead, he played basketball at UDM for two seasons before becoming a graduate assistant coach for the UK. Megan, who is also a well-known athlete, was the only one of her two siblings who didn’t participate in sports in high school or college.

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