The Uries include Matt, Mason, Kyla, and Kara, Brendon Urie’s siblings. Two older brothers and two older sisters also exist for Brendon.

Brendon Urie is an accomplished American musician, singer, and songwriter most known for his work with Panic! at the Disco as their multi-instrumentalist, main vocalist, and primary songwriter.

In high school, one of his friends initially thought he would be a good guitarist, but he made him the lead singer. Millions of copies of his hits have been sold, making them top sellers on the Billboard charts.

His extraordinary four-octave tenor vocal range has earned him a lot of accolades. He grew up with all the love and attention because he was the youngest of five children.

The Urie family is very close; all members have achieved great success in their fields. Here is more information on them.

Who Are The Brendon Urie's Siblings?

Brother Tom Urie

The Urie family’s first child, Matt, was born in September 1978. His preferred name is Matthew Allred, and he is 44 years old.

He is employed at Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC as a private wealth advisor in the Henderson, Nevada, region. By providing them with the necessary personal financial guidance, he aids people in achieving their objectives.

Tax planning methods, retirement planning strategies, small company planning, Social Security retirement benefits, estate planning strategies, education savings, investments, insurance, and many other topics are the emphasis of Allred’s work.

He has been a financial advisor and franchise owner for Ameriprise since 2002. He is happily married and a happy father to his children.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he studied Financial Planning and Services at the College for Financial Planning. He eventually enrolled in the CFP Certification Program at Boston University (2005-2008).

Mason Urie, A Brother

In March 1981, Mason Urie, the family’s second child, was born. He goes by the name Mason Allred and is 41 years old.

He is an assistant professor and a media historian at Brigham Young University (BYU), Laie, Hawaii, in the United States.

Since August 2018, he has worked as a professor at the institution for more than four years. Mason earned his M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of California after completing his history degree at BYU (2003–2007).

He concentrated on German literature and culture there, focusing on film studies. Allred was a Fullbright Scholar for a year, and he used to do research for his first book, Weimer Cinema, Embodiment, and Historicity.

The book explores the relationship between contemporary historical experience and film.

In his most recent work, Seeing Things: Technologies of Vision and the Making of Mormonism, he examines how media primarily shapes the culture of visionary religion.

Mason has also worked as a legal assistant at Sanft Law from 2007 to 2009, a graduate student instructor at UC Berkeley from 2009 to 2015, a historian for The Joseph Smith Papers, and a teaching assistant at BYU from 2006 to 2007. (20015-2018).

Kyla Urie, A Sister

Kyla Urie Christensen, Brendon’s older sister, was born in April 1984. She is 38 years old, and Aries is her astrological sign.


The performer occasionally discusses his siblings. Kyla is a married woman who uses the last name of her devoted husband, Christensen. She supposedly has four children and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kara Urie, A Sister

Kara Urie-Lott is a Las Vegas-based licensed marital and family therapist.

She works hard to ensure that her clients feel welcome, safe and cared for, and her practice is based on their needs.

She helps her clients, who include single people, couples, and families, come up with new ideas and ways of looking at things.

They can accomplish their goals thanks to the practice, which results in new behaviors.

Urie, a third-generation therapist, brings to therapy a special and genuine practice. She enjoys building relationships with her clients and helping them make the necessary changes.

Her biography states that she relocated to Hawaii to attend BYU Hawaii in Laie and enhance her education. Her knowledge was greatly expanded, and the encounter helped her rediscover her Polynesian roots.

Later, she returned to the mainland to finish her undergraduate studies at BYU. She returned to her hometown of Las Vegas in 2001 to finish her graduate work and enjoy being near her family.

Benjamin Lott, Kara’s devoted husband, is her husband. She has 140 followers and 375 posts on Instagram with the handle @ijustkaralott.

Grace And Boyd Urie Gave Birth To Brendon.

On April 12, 1987, Brendon Urie was born to Grace and Boyd. The family moved to Las Vegas when he was barely two years old, even though he was born in St. George, Utah.


He was reared in an LDS home and is the youngest and fifth child of five. But when he was about 17, he decided to abandon his religious beliefs because he didn’t like the church and disagreed with its philosophies.

Boyd Urie’s Father

Boyd, a father of five, enjoys motorbikes, golf, and music. He has 6,780 tweets and is active on Twitter as @bdendad.

According to his daughter, Boyd reportedly has a sizable marital and family therapy practice in Southern Utah. Additionally, his late father was a former professor at one of the top MFT programs in the country.

Brendon, Boyd’s youngest child, adopted his name as a middle name. The musician previously said that, like his siblings, he intended to have a Hawaiian mother.

Grace Urie’s Mother

Grace is well known for being the devoted and adoring mother bear of Panic! at Disco’s lead singer. Through his mother’s side, the singer has a quarter Polynesian heritage from Hawaii. Emmanell Nani, his maternal grandmother, is 3/8 Hawaiian and 1/3 Portuguese.

He frequently refers to her as “Grandma Nell” while talking about how she helped raise him. The mother and son pair are extraordinarily close.

The singer has said before that his awkward dancing, overly animated faces, and nervous energy on stage all come from his mother.

Brendon Is Her Husband

Since April 27, 2013, Brendon has been blissfully wed to his stunning bride Sarah Orzechowsky. In September 2011, the couple got engaged.

While Sarah was still in a relationship, the two first connected at one of the singer’s performances; about eight months later, she and Brendon were reintroduced by Paramore’s Hayley Williams at one of their concerts. In 2009, they soon started dating.

Additionally, he made his partner the subject of the song “Sarah Smiles” from the album Vices & Virtues. There have been no rumors of a split or divorce after being together for over ten years.

In addition, the singer’s wife is also expecting a child. He announced the significant information on the band’s Instagram page on January 24, 2023.

He also said Panic! at the Disco “will be no more,” so it was possibly a mix of exciting and depressing news.

He added that he intended to concentrate on his family: “It’s exciting and humbling to think of being a parent and seeing my wife become a mother.” This following journey excites me.”

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