Fred Toucher Wife, Married Life, Divorce With Stephanie Toettcher And Relationship Details

Stephanie Toettcher and sports radio host Fred “Toucher” Toettcher recently made an announcement about their separation.

He took a vacation from the show in July 2022, according to a Boston Globe article, to cope with his divorce-related concerns.

The Toucher and Rich Show has been co-hosted by Rich Shertenlieb and Fred since 2006 on Boston’s WBZ-FM. The show switched to 98.5 The Sports Hub in 2009.

He began hosting the nightly program on Atlanta’s 99X in 1999, and over time, he rose to host the morning show.

One of the radio programs in New England with the highest listenership right now is The Toucher and Rich Show.

With a 10.5 share, it received the highest overall rating in the morning drive category in Boston’s 2018 Fall Nielsen Audio ratings.

Toucher and Rich won the men 25-54 category in the most recent ratings session with a 12.7 share during the morning commute (the population that sports radio targets most aggressively).

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To learn about his Wife, Married Life, Divorce With Stephanie Toettcher, And Relationship Details, continue reading the article.

Who Is Fred Toucher Wife? Details On His Married Life

Due to her marriage to sportscaster Fred Toucher, Stephanie Toettcher is well-known to the general public. More than 15 years ago, Stephanie wed radio personality and Marconi Award winner Toucher.

For MaidPro, Stephanie Touche is in charge of the marketing accounts. After spending 13 years as a stay-at-home mum, she started working.

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It’s hard to get information regarding Stephanie’s education and formative years because she’s maintained a low profile. Fred, on the other hand, finished his studies at Rollins College and received his diploma in 1997.

He then began working as a radio DJ for a small-town radio station in Cumming, Georgia. Stephanie appears to be in her mid-40s right now. Her precise birthplace and date are unclear.

When she was 47 years old, Toucher was born in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. He was conceived as a Capricorn. Their pictures reveal that their ages are only three to four years apart.

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Details On Fred Toucher Divorce With Stephanie Toettcher

Fred Toucher has decided to divorce his wife, Stephanie Toettcher, sometime around July 2020, according to a Boston Globe article. The event was brought up on the sports host’s program in 2020, which increased interest in the report.

When asked about his personal life at the time, Toucher said he was taking a sabbatical to look after his mental health. Around seven o’clock in the morning, Shertenlieb offered to fly with him.

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He looked like he needed a rest, he was so worn out. The Boston broadcaster later revealed on Instagram that he would be admitted to a mental hospital the following week.

Fred returned to work after a one and a half month leave. He just revealed that he and Stephanie are getting divorced in October 2022.

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Exploring Fred Toucher And Stephanie Toettcher Relationship

Sportscaster Fred Toucher and his wife Stephanie were united in marriage for more than ten years. Their relationship was going well before the separation was made public in 2020.

Up until this moment, Toucher had kept his sexual interactions and how he first met Stephanie a secret. The two supposedly spent a significant amount of their lives close to Boston.

Fred claims that personal concerns eventually led to his collapse in July 2020. He uploaded a photo of his wife and their children three months later and wrote that he had overcome some challenging circumstances.

They apparently split up because he hasn’t posted any images of them together on social media since. Why the Toucher couple chose to end their devoted partnership is still a mystery.

Meet Fred Toucher Family

Sportscaster Fred Toucher’s family comprises of his wife Stephanie, as well as their two kids, Milo and Zoey. 2008 saw the birth of the couple’s first child, Milo.

Their son will turn fourteen on May 23, 2022. In the caption of the selfie he and Milo took on Milo’s birthday, Fred said, “Don’t worry son, in 35 years you’ll look like your old granddad.”

The Toucher family had their second kid in 2010 two years after Milo was born. Their daughter Zoey will turn 12 on July 11, 2022.

In Faneuil Hall in December 2010, a picture of the couple and their two adorable children, Zoey and Milo, was taken. Fred urged his supporters to help the World Santa that year.

Because they are concerned that their children could feel excluded on Christmas morning owing to their unique circumstances, many parents email Globe Santa asking for a visit.

Fred is active on Instagram as @fredtoucher and has 21.2K followers. He has shared several lovely photos of his children on Facebook.

On Instagram, he commented: “I wish Zoey would marry a someone just like Lemmy or at least a someone with a large facial boil,” next to a picture of his daughter holding Lemmy’s book.

As shown in photos on his Instagram account, he routinely takes his kids boating and fishing. His child can be seen wearing a Vilma shirt in another picture.

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