The Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans is the home of Pitbulls and Parolees. The center has relocated from California.

The Animal Planet reality show that started in 2009 is about a place where pit bulls are taken in. Sadly, according to Tv Insider, it was revealed in October 2022 that Season 19 would be the final one.

The final episode of the season, titled The Story of Villalobos, brought the rescue’s remarkable history to a close while also giving viewers a sneak peek at what lies ahead.

Pitbulls And Parolees Location: Why Did Pitbulls and Parolees Leave California?
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Pitbulls And Parolees Location

The daily operations at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) in New Orleans are depicted in Pitbull and Parolees.

Although the rescue center was initially run in California, they were forced to leave the state in 2011 because of the stricter rules and regulations, making maintaining the center expensive.

In addition, Tia had lost every penny she had set aside for the Tehachapi project. She had initially intended to move there before deciding to leave California.

However, they could not move there because Kern County had not permitted them.

They thus moved to Louisiana and established their new home in New Orleans. Likewise, the Villalobos Rescue Centre relocated to Athens, Texas, in 2021.

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Their Louisiana-based business has an outpost in Texas. The creatures in the two sanctuaries are different. Wolf dogs are cared for in Texas by Villalobos.

Kltv reports that because the property owner committed suicide, the dogs were left alone for several days.

Tia and her group volunteered to assist with the backyard breeding dilemma. They also extended their services to Texas at that time.

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Why Did Pitbulls And Parolees Leave California?

After 18 years of operation, Pitbulls and Parolles were forced to leave California because the laws governing operating a kennel business in L.A. County changed, became stricter, and became more expensive.

While VRC had obtained all the necessary licenses for the rescue to take place in the remote area of Old West Ranch, Tehachapi, California, where they had intended to relocate from Agua Dulce, Kern County refused to authorize them.

Despite being unable to move, they had intended to ask Mando, a devoted employee, and his family to settle there and take care of the refuge.

As stated on their website, luck was not on their side as a tiny plane crashed and caught fire in front of the house/property in Tehachapi.

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On the site, there had already been a second fire. Their kennel building quickly crumbled to rubble. Thank goodness there were no dogs, and nobody got hurt.

However, it forced Tia Maria Torres and the VRC to stay there until they could find somewhere else.

VRC relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana, after experiencing financial hardship and losing all of her cash for the Tehachapi project.

It took them a year to relocate and establish their permanent residence in a new state.

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