While Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s love continues to make headlines, the excitement surrounding their engagement and a prenuptial agreement is equally important.

The Little People, Big World star Roloff had been happily dating Caryn after his marriage ended, infrequently informing his followers about their breakup rumours. Instead, matt tried to find time for romance between tending to the family farm. Now, TLC viewers are curious as to whether he plans to remarry.

After splitting from Amy, Matt has been seeing Caryn. Unfortunately, Little People, Big World viewers learned that Caryn had experienced a terrible breakup at one point as well.

She and her husband of 20 years, Joseph Chandler, have two kids, a son and a daughter. There were many rumours about Matt and Caryn’s relationship, with many committed viewers thinking that they started dating while Matt was still married. However, a few months ago, they still seemed to be going strong.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler Engagement: Matt Roloff Announced his split from his Wife
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Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler Engagement

However, even though they are not involved, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have already faced questions about having a prenuptial agreement.

The patriarch Roloff reportedly rejected remarks about a potential engagement and prenup starting in 2017. However, the reality star most recently received a comment on an Instagram photo, to which he felt compelled to respond immediately. The post featured a picture of the couple with Matt’s ex-wife Amy Roloff and a few acquaintances. Amy’s recently divorced husband, Chris Marek, could also be seen in the photo.

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But it doesn’t seem like Matt will propose to Caryn soon. It may be recalled by Little People, Big World fans that he once said they wouldn’t even consider getting married until 2022.

Caryn told an interested follower during the outbreak that she and Matt were not in a hurry and were enjoying life. The couple finally bought a retirement home in Arizona, and they now frequently visit to take advantage of the warmer climate. In addition, the couple appeared to be fully committed to their relationship even though a wedding may not occur anytime near.

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It makes sense for fans to want to know if they’re getting married or splitting up. But all of a sudden, their breakup is breaking news. So even if there may be disagreement on the subject, this is what we do know. When the couple went to Oregon, Matt decided to sell parts of the land, including the main house. The Little People, Big World actor, claimed he was forced to sell because neither of his children, Jeremy or Zach Roloff, wanted to buy him out.

Even though the statement made the audience unhappy, it seemed like all the Roloffs had no other option. Fans will learn more about the present family dynamics and how they might affect Matt and Caryn’s relationship in season 23.

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Matt Roloff Announced His Split With His Wife

Amy Roloff was open about the breakdown of her 2019 marriage to her ex-husband Matt. The 54-year-old author alleged in her most recent book, A Little Me, that Matt had an affair with his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, while the Little People, Big World performers, were still wed.

Chandler spent a significant amount of time working at Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon, the TLC family’s program’s location, before dating Matt. After working on the farm and filming in the evenings, Matt spent more time there. Additionally, their farm manager looked to be dropping by more frequently. She questioned whether anything was happening.

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She witnessed sharing texts, images, and other materials between coworkers who had only recently started dating and were still wed to other people. Then it finally hit her. She stated in her book that there appeared to be more than simply a professional or friendly relationship between Matt and their farm manager, who had been working with us for several years by then. She was utterly stunned by this.

In front of her, was Matt interested in someone else? Given that they were still married, why would he ever go there? She realized, in retrospect, that she ought to have responded right away, but she didn’t. Instead, she was ashamed and terrified that something vaguely similar may be happening.

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