Bigg Jah’s Wife, Real Name, Earning, And Net Worth Details

On Instagram, Bigg Jah announced the nuptials of his bride Taunya Pickett in November 2021.

The comedian initially addressed her as Mrs. 2DAMAX since he was so private about his personal life online. Also stated in Taunya’s Instagram bio is Mrs. 2DAMAX.

The comedian’s sketches, in which he injects humorous energy into situations that are accessible to everyone, are adored by his fans.

His most current series, LesbianHomie 2, just had its fifth episode published on YouTube.


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Who Is Bigg Jah’s Wife, Taunya Pickett?

Since November 21, 2021, Bigg Jah and Taunya Pickett have been wed.

The pair exchanged wedding vows in Moreno Valley, California. He simply referred to her as Mrs. 2DAMAX at the ceremony and withheld her name.


“I rarely make personal posts, but I discovered My Mrs.2DAMAX,” he said insincerely alongside a beautiful photo of the two of them wearing wedding gowns.

He added that there aren’t many peeks of her on Bigg’s Instagram account because most of his postings are brief excerpts from his YouTube Sketches and other content-related material.

Taunya also showcases her stunning wedding images on Instagram. Her lack of professional information on her Instagram profile suggests that she is a very private person.

What Is Bigg Jah’s Real Name?

The actual Bigg Jah is Jahdai Pickett. He is well-known, nevertheless, by his stage name. With his group, Bigg Jah is traveling the world on The Whole Crew Is Stupid Tour.

He must have changed his name to a humorous, original online moniker. The director of photography is renowned for his Good Hood comedies.

Since 2017, the actor, comedian, writer, and director from Los Angeles has been turning his stand-up skills into the most beloved sketches for millions of spectators.


Like many other comedians, Pickett draws inspiration for his best stuff from true events that he occasionally embellishes for entertainment.

Even though each of his five to ten minute long movies delivers a whole story, he has gained a devoted following by turning some of his most popular sketches into series.

Bigg Jah’s Net Worth

Youtuber Bigg Jah is thought to be worth $635,00 as of 2022.

His YouTube comedic sketches account for the majority of his revenue. Pickett joined the channel on December 14, 2011, and as of right now, he has 1.51 million members and 467,540,489 views.

Based on his YouTube subscribers, Social Blade calculated that he made between $1.8K and $28.5K each month.

In a similar vein, Forbes predicted that for every 1,000 video views, you could make $5. The value of one million YouTube views can reach $5,000.

Using this computation, he has 467,540,489 views as of September 2022 and a total career income of $2,337,702.

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