Punkie Johnson, an American comedian, has a $3 million fortune. Punkie has a lucrative career and makes a good living.

Punkie is well-known for being a big part of the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live on NBC.

Her mother, Mary Johnson, raised her in New Orleans. She attended a Catholic public school and earned her high school diploma from McDonogh 35 in May 2003.

Later, she went to Nicholls State University and got a bachelor’s degree in general studies in 2008. She met her wife in 2002 while still a senior in high school, and as a result of their irreconcilable differences, they are currently going through a divorce.

The woman from New Orleans started performing stand-up comedy in 2011 at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, where she received consistent payment.

She appeared at Just for Laughs in 2019 before being hired to participate in SNL’s 46th season in 2020. She was given repertory status later in the 48-season run of the show and came to fame for her amusing skills and funny accent.

She also helps the LGBT+ community and has been a part of social events and charities that help kids get an education and fight poverty. She earns money by selling goods, appearing on SNL, and using social media.

Punkie Johnson Earnings, Shows, And Net Worth Details
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Punkie Johnson Salary

The estimated net worth of Punkie Johnson is $3 million. Johnson is currently a regular on SNL. As a stand-up comedian, she has already made a lot of money through events, endorsements, and paid collaborations.

She is connected to grub street, an organization that is non-profit and focuses on food blogs. The performer also wrote the Big Boys episode of SNL’s script.

She collaborates with Ellen Pompeo on the Tell Me podcast and Brett Goldstein on Films To Be Buried.

Punkie publishes brief videos of her performances from Comedy Central, Saturday Night Live, and Just for Laughs and has amassed over 50k followers on Instagram.

She performs in podcasts and various other shows, such as “Why Won’t You Date Me?” with Nicole Byer and “Powerful Joe Rogan,” in addition to being a comedian and influencer.

In the Journeyman TV series, she played Kit, and in ZombieCON, she played Punkie. She is also a novelist and an actress. She earns additional money in addition to acting by producing LGBT as Folk and writing for Straight Up, Stands Up.

Her distinctive sense of style is well-liked by the audience, and they frequently buy the same clothes and accessories she does, allowing her to make money through seller websites.

She posts SNL and other TV program clips on Twitter under the handle Punkie. Through marketing and commercials, she earns money quickly.

Does Punkie Johnson Have Much Money?

More than $3 million has been accumulated in Punkie Johnson’s account. She makes money performing stand-up.

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Punkie collaborates with other artists, such as Dicey, in several performances, and she also makes notable cameos in the Just for Laughs and Podcasts.

She also makes money through comedy shows in Denver and New York and book and CD releases. She earns $1.5 million yearly from several outlets, including social media, podcasts, TV series, and movies.

From Comedic Programs

Comedy show appearances are the primary source of revenue for the well-known comic Punkie. She has ties to the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Her most well-known and successful episodes are Hot Girls Hospital and Bad Boys. She had previously performed on New York Jets and worked for Comedy Central Stand-Up.

According to Comparably, she reportedly makes about $50,000 a year from her appearances on SNL and other shows.

Each year, Punkie Johnson earns $50,000 from movies and TV shows. In terms of movies, she appeared in Witch Hunt, The Lot, and ZombieCON, which helped her financially.

She has appeared in more than ten TV programs, such as Ahamed’s Ramadan Diary, Space Force, and Sketch Show.

She most recently appeared in Season 2 of the HBO Max series Love Life, which was well-liked by viewers. She has been a significant cast member of Will Smith’s program, The Joka, since 2022.

In addition to acting, she writes the scripts for short films and TV shows, which brings in an extra $10,000 and adds to her reputation as a talented artist in the entertainment industry.

Meet Her On Instagram

An Instagram influencer with 50,000 fans, Punkie Johnson. Her social media platforms are chock full of clips from her stand-up and event performances.

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She updated the humorous dance videos with Selena Gomez on December 19, 2022, and they received over 480k hits. She also added sequences from Reels Comedy Club, which received over 350k views.

She receives affiliate revenue and income from sponsored Instagram posts that total around $40,000. Johnson utilizes the site to advertise her TV shows and films, posting the locations of live events with tickets.

Using TikTok

On TikTok, Punkie Johnson is known as punkiejohnson. 47K people have liked her post, and she has 4.5K followers. Her application generates roughly $10,000 for her.

She frequently uses it to acquire notoriety and demonstrate her dance prowess with various songs and singers, such as Megan Thee Stallion and Selena Gomez.

Over 70k people have watched her dancing videos with Megan, and 40k have managed the drinks party with Tom Hanks.

Punkie Johnson Flims And Tv Programs

Actress Punkie Johnson has been in several Hollywood productions. She debuted in 2015’s Journeyman as Kit.

She joined Ava at the Adam Ruins Everything in 2018. Johnson took part in two episodes of the TV program Lights Out with David Spade in 2019–2020 as a panellist.

She made an episode of the well-known The Kardashians in 2022 as Punkie.

Her upcoming film Bottoms, released on March 11, 2023, is about two nerdy LGBT+ students who create a combat club to fulfill their goal of getting laid before graduation.

A list of the films in which Punkie appeared

  • ZombieCON (2018)
  •  The Lot (2019) 
  •  The Ride (2020)
  •  Sixteen Thousand Dollars (2020)
  •  The Opening Act (2020)
  •  Guest House (2020)
  •  The Adventures of Whit (2020)
  •  Witch Hunt (2021)

The TV series are listed below. Punkie appeared in:

  • Journeyman (2015)
  •  Please Understand Me (2018)
  •  The Real Witches of West Hollywood (2019)
  •  The Jeff Richards Show (2020)
  •  Crank Yankers (2021)
  •  Love Life (2021)
  •  Saturday Night Live (2020-2022)

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