Fivel Stewart Boyfriend Andrew Kai: How Did They Meet?

2018 saw the beginning of their relationship for Fivel Stewart and Andrew Kai. American actor and model Andrew Kai.

The cute pair got together for the first time in 2018 while filming The Never List, and they haven’t been able to stay apart since.

The actress is most known for playing Ella in Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft (2013), Lucinda in Pit Fighter (2013), and Freeze (2013).

Stewart now has 32 acting credits on her résumé and six more projects in the works. Her most recent acting credits are Chris in Umma and Jane in the TV series Roar.

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Fivel Stewart’s First Boyfriend

The age difference between Andrew Kai and Fivel Stewart is more than four years. Model Andrew Kai resides in Los Angeles.

The cute duo has a flourishing acting career. Outstanding efforts in “The Never List” have earned them places in the hearts of online users.

A well-known actor, Kai has made a reputation for himself despite only recently making his debut. In the 2016 short film Jefferson, the web sensation made his acting debut in the character of Adam.

The same year, he played Jim Ericson’s part in Catching Up. With Sean’s involvement in the 2017 television series The Bear, Kai made his television debut the year after making his film debut.

Andrew also played Kyle Kennedy in the television series Lethal Weapon that same year. Due to his performance and acting prowess, the American actor began receiving more offers.

Six years after making his acting debut, Kai boasts 15 acting credits. His performances as Rob in the 2020 film Valley Girl, Craig Osterholm in the TV series FBI: Most Wanted, and Cy in All About Nina are his most excellent work.

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Label in The Inspection, Brandon in The Space Between, Rob in Valley Girl, Joey in The Never List, Brett in Atypical, and so forth are just a few of his most recent acting roles.

Kai has worked in the film industry’s stunts and production departments in addition to acting. He has two credits for his performance as a stunt performer in the films Paradise City and Adventure Force 5.

The lovely duo Andrew and Stewart are four years and almost two months apart. The actor, who is 30 years old, was conceived on September 1, 1992, by his mother and father, Tom Tripodi.

The actress, who turned 26 this year, celebrated her birthday on November 4, 1996. Realtor Tom Tripodi, the father of Kai, is a graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He completed his Business Administration bachelor’s degree.

Relationship Between Fivel Stewart And Andrew Kai

Over four years have passed since Fivel and Andrew became partners. The lovely couple first became romantically involved in 2018 after meeting on the set of Atypical.

First Ever Meet Of Fivel And Andrew

In 2018, Fivel and Andrew came into contact for the first time.

The actor took part in one episode of Atypical’s third season. Stewart played Izzy in the “Atypical” television series, and the duo soon began dating.

Kai posted a photo of them when they were being filmed. As a result, online users began to notice it, and the lovebird’s ship sailed almost immediately.

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After the ship appeared in the 2020 film The Never List, internet users were obsessed with it. Stewart played the central part of Eva Jeffries in the coming-of-age American drama movie, while her boyfriend played Joey.

The couple soon announced their romance on Instagram. The actress doesn’t have a photo of them on her Instagram despite making things official.

The American actor, though, occasionally takes photos with his girlfriend. Kai’s Instagram contains images of the pair returning on October 1, 2018. While filming a scene with a cameraperson in front of them, Kai posted a photo of them.

Love Shown From Fivel Stewart

The actress doesn’t publish sentimental images or messages of thanks on her social media pages, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t value their relationship.

Beyond social media posts, Fivel has invested time and effort into becoming someone Kai can always rely on.

On November 20, Kai posted a B&W photo of them to his Instagram. One person said, “You two are adorable!!! On the post, it says “,”

Their debut as Eva and Joey in the coming-of-age drama film The Never List in 2020 granted their ardent fans the desire to see more of them.

Appearance Of Fivel Stewart And Andrew Kai In The Movie “The Never List”

After Fivel and Andrew appeared in the 2020 film The Never List, their followers were the happiest people in the world.

On September 13, 2020, the cast of “The Never List” began filming, and the American actor shared a scene from the film on his Instagram.

Andrew captioned the Instagram photo, “2 years ago today was our first day on set together for The Never List; this was our first scene and our first kiss ever.”

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Now and again, Andrew posts a thank-you message for Fivel, making everyone’s heart sing. I am blessed to get you in my life! I’m grateful you were born. On Fivel’s birthday in 2020, Andrew wrote.

Relationship Of Stewart And Kai Getting Stronger

The power couple’s relationship, Stewart and Kai, thrives and gets stronger daily.

They don’t frequently post updates about their relationship on social media. They are still as much in love as they were at first.

That being stated, Kai and Fivey must always share a post. On March 3, 2021, the actor posted a video showing the actress enjoying herself enthusiastically while eating what appears to be a pie with ice cream.

Rumors Of Brigette Lundy And Fivel Stewart

The speculations about Fivel and Brigette Lundy Paine’s connection as co-stars in the film Atypical sent the internet into a frenzy.

Because of their on-screen romance in the television series, Brigette and Fivel have an offscreen fandom. Their excellent performance was the only thing that contributed to their solid on-screen chemistry.

A scene from the series had Stewart and Brigette getting close. After Fivel posted images to her Instagram account, the rumors became a wildfire.

The actors were professional enough not to respond to the general suspicions regarding their offscreen romance. Later, they disproved the rumors once Fivel and Kai made their relationship public on the internet.

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