Zion Broadnax
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Michael C. and Keisha Broadnax, the parents of Day Shift actress Zion Broadnax, are receiving praise for promoting their daughter’s acting career after the young actor had a standout performance.

Although working with an Oscar-winning actor can be intimidating, the young actress has made it seem easy.

Day Shift, the next film starring Jamie Foxx, debuted on August 12, and Zion, the young actor, is receiving much attention.

Many fans even want to see the young actor play Moon Girl in Marvel films due to her excellent acting talents.

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Who Are Zion Broadnax Parents? Their Names

On December 15, 2010, Michael C. Broadnax and Keisha Broadnax gave birth to Zion, their first and only child. Before getting married, the pair had a long relationship.

In his late 30s, April 17-born Michael C. Broadnax works as a real estate specialist for Smart Choice Home Lending and is a devoted father to Zion.

Michael, a man who enjoys dancing, goes with his daughter to her filming locations. On one of his visits to the Day Shift sets, he even showed Jamie Foxx one of his dancing flicks.

Zion Broadnax parents
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Zion’s mother, Keisha Broadnax, is in her mid-30s and was born on June 3. The person in charge of Zion’s career is a woman. When Zion first began imitating sequences from different television, she was just four years old.

Keisha called the local talent management as soon as she noticed her daughter’s talent and secured her daughter’s participation in commercials. Additionally, Keisha is in charge of running her daughter’s Instagram account.

When their daughter won Best Supporting Actress at the 168 Films Festival for her work in F8th, in which the actress played a cancer patient, the child’s proud parents were overjoyed.

How Old IS Zion Broadnax Age? Her Age And Height

Zion Broadnax was born on December 15, 2010, making her 11 years old. When compared to her seasoned co-stars, the little actor, who is just 4 feet 6 inches tall, looks like a sweet little doll.

Denzel Washington, a Hollywood great, appeared on screen with the 11-year-old, and the latter even sang a song in the young actor’s honor.

Zion Broadnax
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Zion received her first job at the age of seven in the film Holly Day. After appearing in her debut film, she was cast in multiple commercials, including a major Frito-Lay ad.

Zion enjoys martial arts in addition to seeking a career in acting. In the martial art of self-defense, the young actress even holds a yellow belt. She draws inspiration from her MMA-fighting cousin Shawn Bunch.

Zion enjoys dance in addition to acting and sports. Zion shows off her dance moves for her followers on Instagram.

Who Is Zion Broadnax? Her Wikipedia Bio

Rising young actor Zion Broadnax was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. With only four years under her belt, the young performer already boasts 11 acting credits. Wikipedia does not list the young actor.

Zion, who is only eleven, has exhibited exceptional acting talent in all of her efforts.

Zion Broadnax
(Image Source: instagram.com)

Day Shift, Jamiee Fox’s most recent film, featured the young actor. Zion, who portrayed Paige Jablonski in the film, is getting rave praises for her acting.

With her performance in the film Holly Day, Zion cemented her place in Hollywood. Holly was portrayed by a young actor, and she carried the entire movie by herself.

In 2020, Zion made her television debut in the Station 19 television series after earning a name for herself on the big screen.

The young actor will voice the character Morgan “Mo” Malto in the television series Transformers: Earthspark (2022), but viewers won’t be able to see her on screen.

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