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Currently, Tiktok has created a new trend with the peculiar word Zesty. But are people aware of its true meaning?

The popular social media platform Tiktok is constantly bursting with new trends, and Zesty is no exception. However, early this year, Zesty or #Zesty emerged. The word itself is highly ambiguous and seems to have been invented as a trendy hashtag for TikTok to make it look cool.

Tiktok has received an extraordinary boost from the rising popularity of the “fun” app among today’s youth as it surpasses Twitter and competes with Facebook for the title of “Social Media King.” And according to analysts, Tiktok will overtake all other social media apps in a few years.

Some people might have opinions on the new fad, while others might have queries. So let’s find out more about the TikTok Zesty craze right now.

Meaning In Slang Explained – What Does Zesty Mean On TikTok?

Zesty is not a made-up word; it just denotes something enjoyable or thrilling.

People are observed using the hashtag Zesty when submitting their entertaining and captivating films. Almost all Tiktok users are familiar with the fad currently at its height. According to, “fun and thrilling” is another cool name for Tiktok.

@allanbarth Life flashed before my eyes 😵#FORDfortheBuilders #zesty ♬ tenracks ft. Calviin – izzy

It is energizing, lively, and fun. Tiktok is precisely that; therefore, it may be intriguing if they changed its name to Zesty. The latter word adds a tiny drop and gives the sentence a more contemporary and stylish feel.

Meaning In Urban Dictionary

The urban dictionary raises the bar significantly. You look snazzy and gay, according to Urban Dictionary’s initial definition of zesty.

The second definition further spiced things up and likewise focused on homosexuality. It reads, “The way my advisor defines someone who appears to be gay or homosexual based on their appearance and clothing.”

@david_is_lamee #greenscreen 🤪🤪🤪 #fyp #viral #joke #sassy #sassyshooter #zesty ♬ MURDAMAN YungManny – yungmanny

Zesty’s top two definitions, according to Urban Dictionary, are unapologetically connected to homosexuality. Only in the third sense does “fun and lively” appear, but this time “sexy” has been added. So it may indicate that Zesty is entertaining, lively, sexy-feeling, and more.

Zesty Origin and Trend: Where Did It All begin?

The name “Zesty” came to be derived from the French word “zeste,” which indicates something that enhances flavor around 1670.

However, the initial person to start this trend on Tiktok is unknown. It’s a pattern. Just go with the flow. People on Tiktok are always grooving, and Zesty has become yet another outlet for them to do so.

@iiamkylenn #fyp #foryou #viral #zesty #xyzbca ♬ tenracks ft. Calviin – izzy

Numerous users from all across the world took part in the movement. More than 10 million people have viewed a video of two youngsters falling while trying to catch each other on Tiktok. It’s funny to watch him stumble and fall onto his hips.

Use Of Zesty On Other Social Media: Where To Use Snapchat And Instagram?

Additionally, #Zesty can be used on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

@thecatqueensart It's true 🥑❤ #avocadoart #zesty #18plus ♬ Ashnikko STUPID but its soft and cute – LLusion

All they have to do is maintain the spirit and respect the language. Whoever is watching ought to find it enjoyable and thrilling, and it should brighten their day. Instagram and Snapchat are well known for their respective trends. Therefore, using content from another social media app is not wrong.

Twitter might be taken for granted because it isn’t as active as other social media.

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