Zara Aleena
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Zara Aleena’s murder has been charged against Jordan Mcsweeney, who will make his court appearance from detention at Thames Magistrates’ Court.

At 2.44 am on Sunday, police received a call reporting that a woman had been hurt in Cranbrook Road, Ilford. They launched an investigation right away.

Zara was taken to the hospital after being discovered with head wounds, where she later passed unexpectedly. On Tuesday, the aspiring lawyer’s candles, flowers, and notes were left on Cranbrook Road.

Jordan Mcsweeney Origin

Jordan McSweeney, who does not have a known residence, is also accused of felony rape and robbery, according to the Metropolitan Police. He will appear in court at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday from behind bars.

Jordan Mcsweeney
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Currently, there is not a lot of information available on Jordan. However, he was detained after Zara Aleena’s murder and subsequently arrested.

Zara’s friends and families want justice for her and are hoping that Zeena will also receive it from the authorities. Jordan has to be given a good term in order to atone for his misdeeds because he killed a sweet girl who had her entire future ahead of her.

Given that there has been no information regarding Mcsweeney in the media, the origin of his name has also not yet been made public. He is currently the subject of a police inquiry, and little is known about him.

Zara was attacked by Jordan as she was making her way home following a night out, and she was later discovered with head injuries in the early hours of Friday on Cranbrook Road. That evening, she passed away later.

Who Was Zara Aleena?

Condolences have been extended to Zara Aleena, a recent law graduate working as an administrative officer at the Royal Courts of Justice, after her passing.

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Others who were close to her said she was a “lifeline for her mother and grandma” since she handled all of her mother and grandmother’s medication and shopping needs.

Zara graduated from law school and received a postgraduate diploma in legal practice the year before, according to the University of Westminster. Zara got an honors LLB in 2011 and will be awarded a postgraduate diploma in legal practice in 2021. Her professors all remembered her favorably.

Jordan Mcsweeney Ethnicity

Currently, there is little to no knowledge of Jordan’s appearance. Only his identity has been made public by the authorities; no mug pictures have been released as of yet.

So it is pretty difficult to speculate about what ethnicity he might be. But Zara’s close friends and family are still calling for justice. Her perpetrator ought to receive a just penalty for taking her life at such a young age.

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The general public has also shown sympathy for Zara and has been speaking out on social media to call for justice for Zara. Everyone is appalled by the tragedy and wants the perpetrator to pay for his actions. Her family has been left in mourning because she was a daughter and a granddaughter taking care of them.

They want justice for Zara after their daughter died at the hands of an unknown person.

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