The Partner Track Star Zane Phillips Height, Age, Ethnicity, Nationality And Family Details
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Zane Phillips, a 28-year-old beautiful man standing 5’11”, stars in the most recent Netflix series Partner Track. With his alluring appearance and demeanour, he commands everyone’s attention. Find out more about the star in this post.

Partner Track will launch its streaming service on August 26, 2022. It has sparked interest since the teaser was released four days ago.

Hunter Reed will be played by our man Zane Phillips in the series based on Helen Wan’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name.

 Zane Phillips Biography Details

American actor Zane Phillips was born and reared in Denver, Colorado. Despite being a rising star, Wikipedia does not yet mention The Partner Star Track.

With his part in the television series Legacies, Zane initially gained the public’s attention (2021).

The American actor spent his formative years in Texas after relocating there during middle school.

He began performing in community theatre there, and after starring in a performance of Man of La Mancha at his nearby theatre, Phillips realized how much he yearned to work in the acting industry.

He earned theatre credits after completing Elon University’s musical theatre program in 2015.

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Unfortunately, the epidemic caused the actor’s plans to fall through, which caused him to pause in his profession and nearly decide to return to school.

The universe, however, had other ideas for him. The actor booked Fire Island two days after considering changing his profession seriously (2022).

On June 3, 2022, the well-liked homosexual rom-com Fire Island was made available on Hulu.

Phillips, known for being a happy person by all of his friends, portrayed the character of Dex in the film, who is the complete opposite of his natural life.

Zane’s career has exploded with the release of the film Fire Island, and now the unemployed guy is scheduled and busy.

Zane Phillips Age & Height Details

28-year-old On November 26, 1993, Zane Phillips was born. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

The actor made his acting debut in the 2014 short film Rolling Cigarettes.

Phillips has had a successful year because he has received well-deserved media attention and praise.

The 28-year-old actor will make his acting debut in the Netflix series Glamorous.

He plays Chad in the ten-part drama series.

Nationality And Ethnicity Of Zane Phillips

Phillips, a Fire Island actor, is of Caucasian ethnicity and has American citizenship. He and his family spent the majority of their lives in Texas.

The actor is presently located in New York and has performed in numerous plays.

Zane previously discussed the culture shock he experienced as a young person when he first moved to Texas.

He remembers how difficult it was for him to express his emotions there because it was such a strict, very macho environment.

Zach Houghton Glassman: Who Is Zane Phillips Partner

His business partner Zach Houghton Glassman founded Passion Passport and is a passionate photographer.

Since 2017, Zane and Zach have been dating. Both of the boys have written heartfelt messages to one another on social media.

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Zach, born on July 19 and now in his mid-30s, earned a degree in economics from Columbia University.

Glassman started a travel agency called Passion Passport in 2013.

The business uses to travel to tell engaging, varied stories about people.

Zane Phillips Family & Parents Details

Zane Phillips is the second child of Michael and Debbie Phillips.

Zane became interested in acting because of his older sister Emily Phillips, who was the first to try it out.

In an interview, the aspiring actor discussed the importance of his parents and sisters to him when he first started acting.”To allow your child to pursue the arts as a parent is brave,” Zane added.

Mr and Mrs Phillips are undoubtedly proud of Zane for his chosen career and the man he has become.

Zane Phillips Instagram Details

Zane has the account @zanethan on the photo and video sharing website.

He has 135k followers, which is a sizable following. In addition, he frequently shares updates about his endeavours and photo sessions.

The actor has 15k followers on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @zanityfair.Interactions on his social media platform have risen since the release of Fire Island.

Given how his career is progressing, it won’t be shocking if he eventually has many stan accounts.

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