Zach LaVine Father, Mother, Siblings And Girlfriend Details

Paul and CJ LaVine are Zach LaVine’s parents. Zach was raised in the Washington city of Renton along with his three sisters.

The basketball player posted a couple photos of himself with his parents to his Instagram account. He came from a family of athletes because both of his parents were former professional sports.

Paul, a former American football player, participated in both the National Football League and the American Football League (USFL). When CJ was a college student, she participated in softball.

Their child is currently a player for the National Basketball Association’s Chicago Bulls (NBA). He was selected in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he has also played for both the Timberwolves and the Denver Nuggets.

On January 23, LaVine outclassed the Detroit Pistons with five rebounds and four assists. In the NBA game on Monday night against the Atlanta Hawks, the 27-year-old is prepared to step into the court.

Zach LaVine
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Zach LaVine Father Paul LaVine

Dad of Zach LaVine Former American football linebacker Paul LaVine played this position. Paul participated in NFL games for the Seattle Seahawks.

He spent two seasons as a right outside linebacker with the Portland Breakers of the USFL before getting selected by the National Football League. He was a member of the group between 1985 and 1987.

The Seahawks approached Paul about joining the league the following season. He switched sides and played the left side for one season with the Seattle-based squad. During the season, Zach’s grandfather took part in three games.

Paul was born on May 1st, 1962 in San Bernardino, California, and attended Bakersfield Highland High School until the end of his education. When he was 19 years old, the 6-2-inch tall athlete began participating in football at San Bernardino Valley College.

Paul received a letter from Utah State in 1983, two years after polishing his craft there. The Portland Breakers entered the scene in 1985 after selecting him in the 12th round of the USFL Draft.

Paul started playing softball once his football career was over. Zach recalled working out in the backyard with his uncle. He credited his father with developing him into the powerful and unique player he is today.

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The 1996 animated film Space Jam inspired the NBA player to become passionate about basketball when he was just five years old. Paul played with him for hours in their backyard throughout his early years, which affected his desire to play in the NBA.

His father consented to serve as a trainer and coach. The two would work on different techniques each day, including as touch shots, strengthening their agility, and ball handling.

He learned from Paul how to handle both the good and bad things that can happen in game settings. Zach always asks his grandfather for help when he’s in question.

Paul also gave him the personality to deal with a strict, demanding coach. Zach now understands that, despite being a touch harsh on him, his father’s actions were justified and essential.

Zach LaVine Mother Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson, LaVine’s mother, played softball in high school. Her two energetic brothers assisted in raising her.

She found it challenging to continue a sporting career while competing against her two siblings. But when she worked her way up in Seattle to become a collegiate athlete, her skills and abilities came in useful.

Due to her preference for a tranquil existence, Cheryl has shied away from social media. She and her spouse have appeared in a few of Zach’s social media posts.

Zach shared an old Instagram photo of him and his mother in May 2021. He appeared to be in his twenties, and Cheryl was her age. LaVine and his dad also stood in front of the 1968 Pontiac LeMans that they gave him in July 2019.

Details On Zach Lavine’s Siblings

Camryn Lavine, sister of Zach Lavine, is a social media sensation with more than 55K Instagram followers. There are two more siblings for him.

He is Paul and Cheryl LaVine’s lone child. Camryn is one of the three sisters of the shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls. Her other sisters are Chandi Leishman and Linda Carter. They are both married and older than he is.

LaVine and Perrion Callandret, a rising basketball player, got along like brothers. Callandret, a former player with BC Nokia, is currently an unrestricted free agent. In Finland, he was a player for BC Nokia.

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Does Zach LaVine Have A Girlfriend?

In August 2022, Zach LaVine and his partner Hunter LaVine had a baby. Saint Thomas Lavine is the name of their first child.

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In July 2022, the couple first told the public about their pregnancy by putting out photos from photoshoots done while the woman was pregnant. Zach hugged Hunter’s growing tummy as they praised the amazing finding.

Before she ultimately became pregnant and gave birth to their first child, Saint Thomas, on August 21, 2022, she published a couple more pictures of her bloated stomach. Hunter has included the infant in each photo they’ve released since the child was born.

She attended Saint’s debut NBA game to surprise Saint’s father. While LaVine competes against the Utah Jazz, his partner and child are spectators in the stands.

Zach and Hunter Engagement

In April 2020, Zach Lavine proposed to Hunter, who would later become his wife. For the past ten years, they have been dating.

The former UCLA Bruins athlete could be seen getting down on one knee and popping the question to Hunter while holding a ring in his hand in a picture he uploaded on his Instagram on April 14, 2020.

However, the two lovers have not yet been wed. Despite being engaged for nearly three years, the wedding has not yet been scheduled.

Beginning when Zach was just 17 and still in his teen years, they had been dating for more than ten years. They initially met at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he and his fiance both studied.

Since then, the charming couple has traveled the globe. Zach and Hunter go on adventurous journeys every summer to various locations worldwide.

In photographs taken in Nassau, Bahamas, in August 2018, they may be seen. Then, in September, Zach and Hunter began making plans for their vacation to Greece, where they took in the diverse ancient sites, structures, and beaches of the nation.

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