Glen and Julia Edey are Zach’s parents. Zach and his younger brother Doug Edey grew up in Toronto, Canada.

Boilermakers, from Purdue Zach, at 7 feet and 4 inches tall, is one of the tallest players in college basketball.

As a bonus, Edey was a four-star recruit out of high school, according to the standards of several recruiting services.

In his first year of college basketball (2021–2022), he established himself as a promising inside scorer and rim protector.

His collegiate career is still unfolding, so it will be exciting to see how he develops as a player and where his basketball career goes.

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Zach Edey’s Mother, Julia Edey

Mom of Zach Edey Formerly a mechanical engineer, Julia has now retired. In her free time since retiring, Julia has been tending to her garden and keeping bees.

In ninth grade, Julia Edey stood 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Her high school basketball coaches saw untapped potential in her game.

When Julia was 17, she tested out for the junior national team of Canada among competitors from throughout the country.

Plus, WishTV claims that Julia was born and raised in Toronto as one of five children by a working-class family who took pride in their family-run Chinese takeout business and their children’s academic success.

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At age 12, Julia began working with her father and grandfather on weekends at the restaurant. She would have time to play basketball if there were no issues at school.

But she was stuck in a catch-22 since she didn’t have the money to travel to Halifax, and she needed to figure out how her parents would react if she didn’t pitch in at the restaurant for a month.

After that, Julia lost interest in sports and decided to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer instead.

Zach Edey’s Father, Glen Edey

Daddy of Zach Edey Glen Edey is an assistant coach in a local minor baseball club. Similarly, since Glen’s wife, who used to work as an engineer but is now a beekeeper, retired, he has been helping her out.

When one of her son’s teachers at Rolph Road School told her about her outside job, she became interested in beekeeping.

Edey was too involved with gardening at her Leaside house and on her family’s Collingwood farm at the time.

It’s safe to say that Glen Edey towers over Julia at 5 feet 10 inches. Zach, a young lad of seven and four, has them to look up to.

She was thinking about starting a nursery, but everything she read about gardening stressed the significance of bees to the success of a garden and the health of the overall ecosystem.

In 2018, Edey began beekeeping in Collingwood by purchasing a “nuc” with around 5,000 bees. She put a lot of effort and time that year into perfecting the techniques she would need to keep and grow her apiary.

Zach Edey’s Siblings

Doug Edey, Zach’s younger brother, is a sophomore at Leaside High. Doug, a ninth-grader who has medaled in lifesaving and bronze archery, is an avid sports fan and athlete.

His high school AA hockey and baseball careers are highlighted on his LinkedIn profile. Doug also enjoys other sports, albeit he does not compete at a high level.

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In addition, the younger Edey is an exceptionally gifted student who does exceptionally well in French, mathematics, the performing arts, physics, and history.

For more than four years, Doug helped the Food Bank generate money and provide for hungry people in the community as a volunteer.

Zach Grew Up In Toronto

Zach grew up playing baseball and hockey in Toronto. Edey’s first basketball team was the Northern Kings of the Amateur Athletic Union.

Zach learned to skate at the young age of six and was a quick study in general. Edey grew to be a tall child, eventually reaching heights of 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches.

In his days as a hockey player, he became fast friends with all the goalies he faced. CBC Sports reported that he was a defensive player who was also seen as a protective parent.

When it came to both ice hockey and baseball, Zach was unrivaled. Edey started playing with the older kids instead of, the younger kids so that he could shield the younger kids from the other team.

He threw fastballs with pinpoint accuracy and was known for hitting home runs. While helping his father as a minor league coach, Edey fell in love with the sport.

High-fiving the moms of her teammates, his mother was confronted with the remark, “Why isn’t he playing basketball?” from the crowd. That was the beginning of his career as a Division I college basketball player.

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