YouTuber Benjamin Rich Net Worth

A well-known British travel vlogger, Youtuber, content creator, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Brighton, England, is Benjamin Rich, popularly known as Bald and Bankrupt.

Bald and Bankrupt Benjamin’s YouTube channel has helped him become well-known across the country. He has achieved a widespread reputation thanks to his travel-related vlogging videos.

Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth In 2022

A YouTuber named Benjamin Rich is worth more than $1.3 million. His yearly income as of 2022, according to Wealthy Squad, is $2.5 million. His money comes from YouTube.

However, he does generate $30k in revenue each month from the sale and marketing of goods, services, and products.


Additionally, Benjamin has created and launched his own line of fashionable T-shirts and retail goods. Nevertheless, he enjoys a comfortable way of life.

YouTuber Benjamin Rich has amassed a sizable sum of money that he may utilize to buy opulent homes and name-brand merchandise. The value of Benjamin, a prospective YouTuber, will increase during the next few days.

Why Was Benjamin Rich Arrested? His Charges And Arrest Updates

A British travel YouTuber was detained for trespassing at a Kazakhstani spaceport operated by Russia. The Vlogger and the person going by the name of Alina Tseliupa, according to the authorities, were taken into custody on Saturday night at Site 112 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan utilized Alina Tseliupa in one of his films. He used her in his movie despite the fact that she was engaged in illegal activity.


He and Alina are both involved in unlawful activity, and the authorities think they have a connection. Alina Tseliupa was apprehended close to one of the launch pads that Russia had rented from Kazakhstan at Baikonur.

The moment he realized he had unintentionally recorded her on camera, it was too late. Police were certain that she was working with him constantly and committing illegal acts through him.

Rich later wrote on Instagram, “I was handed a ¬£60 administrative fine, just like hundreds of Western explorers before me, and questioned for a few hours by Russian authorities for visiting to visit the Buran rocket without specific license.”

Bald And Bankrupt Wife

The 32-year-old Alina Adzika, who has previously acted in his films, is married to Bald And Bankrupt. They were married after a protracted courtship.

Adzika works as a civil engineer in the Prague branch of a sizable European construction company. She only recently became well-known as Rich’s wife. Therefore nothing is known about her earlier years.

According to the sources, Benjamin has a daughter from a previous union with a Belarussian woman. Benjamin divorced her after that, but he hasn’t revealed the names of his ex-wife or daughter.

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