Yazmin Oukhellou

Jake McLean tragically passed away after being involved in a terrible automobile accident with TOWIE star Yazmin Oukhellou.

Yazmin, 28, is reportedly in severe condition. According to sources, the automobile allegedly left the road and crashed into a cliff.

What Happened To Yazmin Oukhellou?

Yazmin Oukhellou, a TOWIE star, was critically hurt in a fatal vehicle accident in Turkey. Jake McLean, her partner of 33 years who was also the driver, tragically passed away there.

The automobile apparently had Jake behind the wheel when he lost control, according to a source who spoke to The Sun Online.

Yazmin Oukhellou

According to The Sun, Yazmin had just joined Jake in the tourist destination of Bodrum while he was in Turkey for a business transaction.

Yazmin is thought to have suffered “quite substantial” arm injuries as a result of the crash.

A program source continued, “We’re crossing our fingers that she heals quickly.” Everyone participating in the program finds it unexpected and tragic.

Although he wasn’t a saint, this is distressing because Jake and Yaz are both well-known in our circles. Everyone is surprised.

Another cast member said, “Nobody knows what they were doing out there; we thought they had broken up, but evidently he was involved in some form of business agreement.”

Whatever did occur, it was heartbreaking. It sounds quite serious, possibly life-altering.


In 2008, Jake was found guilty of breaking into a mother’s house and was given a three-and-a-half-year sentence. And overpowering her before a bunch of hooded men burst in and looted the building (Daily Mail).

He allegedly pretended to be an estate agent in order to trick his way inside the building.

Jake was one of six gang members at the time and was 18 years old. With fake guns in hand and threats to kill their victims if they shouted out for help, the remaining five members invaded the residence.

He reportedly hardly completed half of his sentence before being put behind bars for additional crimes.

Yazmin Oukhellou Car Accident: Where Is She Now?

According to sources, Yazmin Oukhellou is currently receiving medical care for her wounds in a hospital in Turkey. After the reality TV actress survived a car accident, her mother made the trip to be by her hospital bedside.

Yazmin, 28, is well-known for her appearances on the TOWIE television program on ITVBe. She reportedly has arm injuries and is recovering in a hospital.

Since May 2021, when the TOWIE actress called it split with her 35-year-old TOWIE co-star James Lock, Yazmin and Jake have been dating on and off.

A year or so after they first met, she relocated to Dubai to live with Jake.

Around a month following her breakup from James Lock, another Towie cast member, she started dating him.

The couple announced their relationship in December of the previous year with images taken together on a special night out in Dubai.

She did, however, reveal their breakup in an Instagram post in January, and it was recently reported that she and James had reconciled over lunch in Essex.

She allegedly discovered that he had cheated on her with Ellie Jones, a former Love Island contestant. Yazmin’s relationship with Jake, according to those close to her, was “very poisonous at times.”

The couple’s reconciliation date and their reason for visiting Turkey are unknown. On Tuesday, Yazmin posted a selfie of herself in London.

The reality star, who traveled to the Dominican Republic last month for filming, was anticipated to return to Towie later this year.

Death Of Yazmin Oukhellou Boyfriend

Lauren Goodger, who was close to Jake McLean’s ex-partner, described herself as “devastated” in an interview with MailOnline.

While many are concerned about pregnant Lauren, who is inconsolable, they are also praying for Yazmin Oukhelloe.

Lauren, who met her ex-boyfriend on Twitter, declared in 2013 that she was aware of Jake’s past behavior but was willing to tolerate it.

She said, “Jake told me about his history.” He was obviously sorry for what he had done. I make an effort to accept people as they are.

With her partner Charles Drury, Lauren is expecting a second child, and she will give birth soon.

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