Wrestler Jimmy Dejewski Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth And Wife Carlotta Dejewski

Wrestler Jimmy Dejewski Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth And Wife Carlotta Dejewski
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Jimmy Dejewski, a former wrestler, doesn’t have a specific biography page on Wikipedia, but you may find all the information you need about him here. Explore more about the wrestler in this post.

American entrepreneur and former wrestler Jimmy Dejewski made his professional wrestling debut in 1990.

Although he competed for many years under the USWA banner, his tenure in the wrestling business was not without hardship. He sustained multiple fractures and injuries during the fights, ultimately leading to his early retirement from the wrestling business.

After his wrestling retirement, Dejewski established his own company, started a family, and everything went smoothly until it all fell apart. The man had a difficult time; he lost his personal and professional life and became nobody.

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Jimmy Dejewski Wikipedia Details

Jimmy Dejewski’s biography isn’t on Wikipedia, but you can read more about his life and work in this article.

He is a former professional wrestler from the United States who briefly competed for the USWA. Unfortunately, he sustained several wounds, including a fractured left foot, a torn right quad, and a broken rotator. He subsequently gave up wrestling to concentrate on his family.

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After leaving the fighting, Dejewski and his wife welcomed their son Lucas, and he immediately got to work on his business. However, he finally let his career overwhelm him, which harmed his family life. Then everything collapsed quickly. Jimmy’s company failed, and his wife abandoned him along with their children.

The man’s situation deteriorated until he picked up the Bible and took its advice by attending church. His standard of living after that began to improve. He is content with his new family and has a successful Elite Roofing and Home Restoration business.

Jimmy Dejewski Age Details

Jimmy Dejewski is estimated to be between 50 and 60 years old based on his appearance.

Unfortunately, the individual hasn’t provided any information on his age or date of birth on the internet. As a result, we cannot verify the precise data. However, based on his most recent photos and profession, the man seems to be in his 50s.

Jimmy might be in his early forties if he began his career in wrestling in 1990 when he was still in his early 20s.

 How Much Is Jimmy Dejewski Net Worth?

Although proof is awaited, Jimmy Dejewski’s net worth is thought to be approximately $1 million.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur whose business, Elite Roofing and Home Restoration, is flourishing in the neighborhood. He might also be engaged in other projects aside from it. Therefore, considering his multi-decade career in business, he may have amassed a respectable sum of money.

However, there is no formal confirmation of his riches because reliable sources have not yet given an exact estimate of his money.

Details About Jimmy Dejewski Wife & Children

Jimmy Dejewski, a former wrestler, lives with his wife Carlotta Dejewski, and their son.

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She is an artist and posts examples of her work on Instagram. While the former wrestler was surveying the church, Jimmy and Carlotta met. After getting to know each other, they decided to get married on May 28, 2011.

Jimmy and Carlotta each had a child from a prior relationship: a son named Lucas for Jimmy and a daughter named Gracyn for Carlotta. Joshua was also born to the couple after they were married.

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