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Wilson Gonzale has appeared in more than 20 motion pictures since 1999. He can currently be seen in the King of Stonks trailer on Netflix. Explore more about the actor in this article.

Others can act besides the 32-year-old actor. Also, a voice actor, The Ugly Duckling and Me, featured him! as a speaker or voice actor (2006).

King of Stonks’ Wilson Gonzalez Wikipedia Details

German actor Wilson Gonzalez currently resides in California, USA. He will begin studying film there at an art college in October 2006.

He won multiple honors, including the Diva Award for “Talent of the Year” in 2009, the Steiger Award in 2008, the UNdine Award for “Best Supporting Role” in 2008, and the Undine Award for “Best Debut” in 2008. In addition, he became well-known due to the movies he appeared in. (2004).

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At noon on June 6, 2022, “King of Stonks,” his most recent program, will air on Netflix. The show’s narrative will center around Felix Armand, a computer programmer. A Forbidden Love will be the subject of the tale.

People have been curious to see the plot develop ever since Netflix revealed the German series.

Who Is Wilson Gonzalez Girlfriend?

Wilson Gonzalez doesn’t appear to be dating any women. Therefore, he might be single. He avoids discussing his interactions with other individuals. The well-known actor has kept his girlfriend’s identity a secret.

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He is now preoccupied with his work and doesn’t appear to be looking for a romance.

Details About Wilson Gonzalez Family

On March 18, 1990, Wilson Gonzalez and his family were born in Munich, West Germany. The well-known performer is the oldest child of actor Uwe Ochsenknecht and actress Natascha Ochsenknecht.

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is an actor and the brother of the voice actor. His most well-known films include The Wild Guys 4, Die Wilden Kerle: Everything is Good as Long as You’re Wild!, and The Wild Soccer Bunch 5. (2007). December 27 is Jimi’s birthday.

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He began acting at a young age, just like his brother, whose father wasn’t the only inspiration. With his dad and younger sibling, he appeared in films including “Enlightenment Guaranteed” in 1999, “Die Wilden Kerle: Everything is Great, as Long as You’re Wild!” in 2003, and “Die Wilden Kerle 2.” (2005).

The well-known actor’s younger sister and fellow actress Cheyenne Ochsenknecht. Her most notable performances are in the films Mein Bester Streich and Just Push Abuba (2018). 2019 releases Prominent & Reingelegt and Alles Nick! (2006). She was conceived on January 13, 2000.

Wilson Gonzalez Net Worth Explored

Wilson Gonzalez has a net worth of between $2 and $3 million. Most of the King of Stonks cast income comes from performing.

His entire family is employed in the entertainment industry. They all have successful careers in the film industry.

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