When she was only 28 years old, Lori Klausutis passed away while employed by Joe Scarborough. 

In two tweets, former president Trump claimed Joe was responsible for Lori’s death and that it was murder, not an accident.

Former President Donald Trump is well known for his straightforwardness and ongoing disputes with the media.

Trump resurrected the debunked conspiracy idea that Lori Klausutis’s murder, discovered in his office in 2001 at the age of 28, was committed by Scarborough, a Florida representative, as a cover-up.

Wikipedia: What Happened To Lori Klausutis? Joe Scarborough Facing Murder Charges By Trump
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Due to his frequent criticism of Joe’s response to the COVID outbreak, the former President didn’t use to like him. Learn about it in detail from this article.

What Happened To Lori Klausutis?

According to the information on Lori Klausutis that is currently accessible on Wikipedia, she worked as an intern for MSNBC personality Joe, who was discovered dead in his office in 2001.

Authorities claim that she died after fainting, sustaining a head injury, and losing consciousness due to an irregular heartbeat.

She had a good upbringing. Her family and friends have nothing but good things to say about her. The St. Petersburg Times reported that Klausutis’ acquaintances referred to her as “Little Miss Mary Sunshine,” and that she was a happy person.

She was a college student, happily married, and had just moved into a brand-new house. After being engaged in an automobile accident, Klausutis became unconscious. The family claims that she also experienced short-term memory loss due to the tragedy.

Joe Scarborough Facing Murder Charges By Trump

Trump leveled severe accusations against Joe Scarborough back in 2020.

Two fake tweets from President Trump claimed that Joe Scarborough was to blame for the death of a worker who was said to have died of heart disease while working in one of Scarborough’s district offices.

Lori Klausutis
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One month before Klausutis’ passing, Scarborough made his resignation known when he was in Washington. One of the district offices Scarborough held in Florida was in Fort Walton Beach; the other was in Washington, DC.

There is no justification for Trump to promote this hoax. Trump acts aggressively if he feels “wronged,” even by someone who is simply opposing him.

After addressing the former President’s mistakes in handling the COVID-19 outbreak, Trump referred to Joe as “crazy.”

Lori Klausutis Death Was Declared As An Accident

The cause of death was clearly stated in Lori Klausutis’ forensic report to be an accident rather than murder.

The police detected no illegal activity. Instead, according to the medical examiner, she suffered from an acute subdural hematoma, who declared her death accidental.

A medical examiner concluded that Klausutis’s unrecognized heart condition caused her to faint, fall, and smash her head on a desk. The examiner discovered no evidence that anyone was involved in her death.

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Since the death was ruled an accident, no one has been charged, and despite what Trump alleged in several tweets, there is no case involving a missing suspect.

The messages wouldn’t be removed, according to Twitter. However, a representative told Insider in a statement that they were “deeply sorry” for the sorrow brought to Lori Klausutis’ family by Trump’s remarks.

Lori Klausutis Family Details

In a letter, Lori Klausutis’s husband expressed his displeasure over using his late wife’s name for personal gain.

Mr. Klausutis wrote to the CEO of Twitter about how the US President persisted in spreading hatred on your platform for their gain, demeaning the memories of his wife and marriage.

Since the President of the United States had inappropriately altered my late wife’s memory for perceived political gain, he requested that all tweets be deleted.

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