Why Is Saquon Barkley’s Legs and Quad Workout Different From Other?

Saquon Barkley has been dubbed “Quads” or “SaQuads” due to the length of his legs. If you want to play in the NFL, you better believe Saquon is as physically fit as any guy.

The 230-pound rushing back was widely praised for his incredible physicality and the ease with which he could knock over defenders and linebackers.

The hex-bar deadlift and squat are responsible for his formidable lower-body strength. Images of him training for the 2022 season quickly went viral.

Saquon has published many pirated photos of himself online. Barkley was the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2018 and was selected to the Pro Bowl twice (in 2018 and 2022). With 91 catches, he set a new mark for rookie running backs.

Image Source: Men’s Journal

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Saquon’s Quads Are So Popular

Former football player Eli Manning gushed over Saquon’s quads on a podcast with Simms & Lefkoe in 2018.

Saquon’s quadriceps, according to Manning, is comparable in size to the rest of his body. Barkley’s appendages have their own Instagram following.

In the 2020 season of Week 2, the Chicago Bears were responsible for his knee injury. The doctor said he had a damaged ACL and a partial meniscus tear.

According to ESPN, his meniscus was preserved by the physicians, and the MCL recovered independently. When Barkley’s right ACL was torn, surgery was scheduled for October 30, 2020.

Saquon had to climb back through the ranks after suffering that catastrophic injury. By April 2021, he had made significant progress and provided an inside look at the techniques he was using to rehabilitate his reconstructed knee.

A fresh snapshot taken by Barkley on July 14, 2021, shows him looking healthy and well. But the public saw that his legs and feet were more potent than before.

Fox Bet Sportsbook meant, “Who placed that tree trunk there?” As a kid, Sean Culkin mistook his calf for his hamstring.

According to Penn State football coach Dwight Galt III, who spoke with ESPN Sports, Saquon “was born that way” and had outstanding genetics. They saw him bench 455 and knew he was physically capable.

Because of his small stature (230 pounds) and height (6 feet), many wonders if Saquon can perform well on the field. This is why he trains his lower body so diligently and prioritizes speed.

What Is Saquon Barkley’s Workout Routine?

Barkley is quite active on social media and uses it extensively to promote his fitness routine. His passion is lifting heavy weights, and working out together at the gym fosters a positive dynamic among friends and teammates.

Saquon enjoys encouraging his supporters by detailing his workout routine and providing tips on how to improve.

New York Giants released a video on YouTube titled “Saquon Barkley’s INSANE Workout Routine” on 2019-08-11. He can be seen in the video working on his core strength and general athleticism.

In the offseason, the running back prepared for his second NFL season by upping his game. As part of the NFL 100th anniversary, he devised the Quad Squad Quad Challenged.

Image Source: Sky Sports

The video shows four distinct manoeuvres available to learn, and the training takes less than a minute. This is a summary of it all.

Squat Hold (10 seconds for each leg)
Squats (10 seconds) (10 seconds)
Squat Jump (10 seconds)
Squats with Holds (20 seconds)

Barkley supplements his rigorous training with a healthy diet that includes a lot of lean proteins. At his advanced age, he may eat whatever he wants, but to maintain peak performance, he eats a lot of meat.

Saquon Barkley’s Squat

Saquon has a 650- to 700-pound squat. He gains the power he needs to outrun a defensive tackle weighing 350 pounds.

The question of what one exercise Saquon would perform if he had to do it to train for football was posed to him in an interview with Men’s Journal.

When asked which practice he preferred, he said squatting over hex-bar deadlifts. He says Squatting is an excellent workout for young NFL players who want to gain strength and explosiveness.

This exercise is crucial for developing strong quadriceps. Barkley’s ability to leap over defenders is enhanced if he performs a 450-pound power clean since this feat would need the strength of an NFL linebacker.

He works out not to become a hulking beast but to overcome the physical disadvantage of bigger defensive tackles.

Saquon thinks that the more powerful he is, the further he will be able to leap and, with his newfound speed, score touchdowns from 70 to 80 yards away.

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