Why Does Tom Zanetti Travel To Different Places?

Vibe by Jet2holidays has teamed up with Tom Zanetti, a well-known traveller, to advertise their services all around the Mediterranean. Tom is constantly on the move for his writings.

DJ, singer, music producer, and actor based in the United Kingdom. BPI has certified his two biggest songs, “Darlin” (2015) and “You Want Me” (2016), as silver and platinum, respectively. The latter may be seen in UK, Belgium, and Ireland charts.

In the time since, the DJ’s “Didn’t Know” track has racked up over 20 million plays and 2.2 million monthly Spotify listeners, and it also debuted in the top 20. Tom has acted in several films, including “Road” (2016) and “DeadRinger” (2017). (2018).

There are a few television appearances to his resume, including “The SIC Lie with Tom Zanetti” (2014), “First Dates” (2015), “Celebs Go Dating” (2021), and “Made in Chelsea” (2021). The musician and reality TV personality had a hectic lifestyle full of trips and events.

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Tom Zanetti Loves To Travel

Tom Zanetti is a world traveller who takes his shows all around the globe. Over the summer, Tom works with Jet2holidays as a partner.

Tom has played gigs at beach clubs all around Europe, making the rounds at the most well-liked tourist destinations.

One way to reach more people is to go on tour. Zanetti, a musician, frequently travels to other countries to play live shows for his admirers.

Zanetti is fortunate to have travelled to various locations, seeing new cultures and sampling delicious cuisine along the way.

His Instagram, accessible at @tomzanettitz, is a place for him to talk about work-related topics and share insights gained through his career.

Zanetti’s Visit To Maldives

Tom’s latest musical adventure led him to the Maldives. In October 2022, Siyam World marked its one anniversary with a four-day event that featured notable names from the UK music and culinary sectors.

Headlining performances by British platinum-selling singers Tom and Yungen stole the show on night one. He detailed his ordeal on his official Instagram account in a long message.

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He posted a few photos and videos from the Maldives online, gushing about the island nation’s “beautiful landscape and atmosphere” and how they made him feel like he was in paradise.

To show his appreciation, he also mentioned that his stay at the magnificent @siyamworld, where he stayed for seven days, was completely hassle-free.

Because his trip there was so enjoyable, he feels relieved. Additionally, he spent a few relaxing days on the Maldives’ uninhabited Iru Fushi island.

Zanetti’s Visit To Spain

Zanetti visits Spain and other European countries regularly. Regarding his most recent function, he organized Magaluf, Mallorca’s most extensive pool party.

Like everyone else, he spent the weekend of the Jubilee Bank Holiday raving in Ibiza. Posting a video to Instagram, the “You Want Me” singer sang his songs before departure.

Before they landed on the stunning island, he and his friend Ryan snacked on chocolate roses. The star gave a concert at Ibiza Rocks, a popular hotel and nightclub on the island.

Tom, a single parent, was photographed May with Ocean Club owner Wayne Lineker in Ibiza, sighted in Ibiza in May.

The platinum-selling musician has visited other European countries to play at beach clubs in tourist hotspots.

Where Is Tom Zanetti’s Birth Place?

Tom Zanetti was born on Belle Isle in Leeds, England. His upbringing was not as positive as that of other children. The Gipton-born Zanetti told the Yorkshire Evening Post that his childhood was filled with love and support.

The singer came from a family where his mother was a single parent who struggled to support three kids in public housing by taking any job she could find.

He claims that the neighbourhood he once called home was dangerous due to an abundance of crime.
When Zanetti was 16 and expelled from school, everything shifted for him.

The same year, he became a father to his son Deacon, who is now 14. As a result, he began pursuing a career in music, performing and selling CDs at Kirkgate Market and taking any odd jobs he could find to support his kid, including the butcher, roofer, scaffolder, and contact centre agent.

At the early age of 17, he began performing in clubs, which established his career. He marketed his shows under the name “Insomnia” because of the sleepless nights he had had as a child.

Tom has released numerous well-received tracks as he continues to pursue his love for music and entertainment.

The disc jockey has a strong business ethic. After the great outcome of “Insomnia,” he launched a firm called “Sleepin in Cheatin,” which hosts and boasts a range of events around the UK.

Showcasing his flexibility, the multi-talented Zanetti has launched his restaurant, apparel business, record label, and barbershop.

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