Why Did Petrice Jones Leave Step Up High Water?

Eventually, Petrice Jones became interested in other projects and decided to leave Step Up High Water. Starting with Season 3, Keiynan Lonsdale portrayed Tal Baker in place of Petrice.

Jones has starred in the hit musical Step Up High Water. Not only did he appear on that show, but also Locke & Key. On August 10, 2022, the last season of Locke & Key debuted on Netflix.

Locke’s children decide to move back into the family’s historic Keyhouse after their father’s mysterious murder.

Petrice Jones plays Scot Cavendish, a student filmmaker from Britain at Matheson Academy and the captain of the Savini Squad on Locke & Key. According to Dreshare, people want to know more about Petrice’s private life.

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Reason Behind Petrice Jones Leaving Step Up High Water

Petrice Jones left Step Up High Water to pursue other opportunities. Petrice was unable to contribute to the show’s third season.

There were no major disagreements, but Jones wanted to broaden his professional horizons. IMDB claims Keiynan Lonsdale has since taken over the role.

After YouTube canceled the first “Step Up: High Water” season, Starz took up the second season in May 2020.

According to TheWrap’s source, Jones was left out because he had already committed to a series of recurring roles on another show.

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Jones’s experience with the Step Up cast will always be remembered fondly. However, his presence in Step Up High Water will be much missed, even though he has begun pursuing his other job.

Petrice had to make time for both performances since he had accepted a role in another. He had to discontinue his run on Step Up to advance in his profession.

Know More About Petrice Jones

Petrice Jones appears in Locke and Key. He was born and raised in the UK. Jones is a multi-talented artist who has become famous for his work on television but also has a successful company and a large following on social media and Instagram.

Jones acted début in the 2013 films Stunned Trees (in which he played Emerson), Broken Bridges, Darius Wilks in Casualty, and Ash in Exploited.

During the 2017 season of Shotgun, he played the role of Nathan Tate. On January 27, 2017, it was made accessible to the public in the United States.

The iBoy movie was helmed by Adam Randall. Jones portrays a minor character in the 2017 TV series Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

Petrice Jones has been in several popular TV shows since then, including the original Step Up series and its spinoff, Step Up High Water, which airs exclusively on YouTube Red.

He returned to the role through all 12 episodes in 2018 and 2019. The show’s primary characters are Atlanta’s High Water Performing Arts School kids.

Locke & Key, Petrice’s newest series, premiered on February 7, 2019. Only Netflix subscribers may see this American supernatural horror/drama series.

Jones’s performance in Play the Devil earned him a Jury Award at the 2017 KASHISH Mumbai International “Queer” Film Festival. He might get a bump in salary depending on how well he does in the next years.

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