Why Did Cashnasty And His Girlfriend Ash Breakup?

Cashnasty and his girlfriend Ash broke up in 2017. They dated for more than ten years before calling it quits.

Cashnasty, an American YouTuber, seems to be single and focused on his work as a content creator right now.

Together with his longtime partner Ash, he founded the CashNAshVlogs YouTube channel. The pair competes in NBA 2K in front of their respective YouTube audiences.

Ash hasn’t been active on their joint YouTube channel or Instagram account since their breakup. According to rumors, they had issues that led to their breakup. On Reddit, videos were also posted.

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Why Did Cashnasty And His Girlfriend Ash Breakup?

Cashnasty claimed that he and Ash had split up in a 2017 Tweet. While some individuals in 2022 were aware of what was happening, others were shocked to learn that their relationship had ended.

Ash is most known for being a prominent YouTuber. The pair frequently appeared in each other’s social media posts and videos.

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They were dating, and it was made plain that Cash was joking. The two hardly ever appeared in videos after that, which raised the likelihood that they had broken up.

It’s thought that their breakup was caused by a quarrel that was recorded and posted on Reddit.

In the video, Cash is seen storming into Ash’s restroom as she uses it and, in a fit of rage, scattering Ash’s cosmetics all over the place. Despite dating since 2007, they never got married.

Information On Youtuber Cashnasty

Cashnasty is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer from the United States. He founded the CashNastyGaming and CashNastyReacts YouTube channels.

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He was raised in the Louisiana town of Vidalia, where he had previously won the state painting competition for elementary school students.

He streams on YouTube and plays video games on Twitch, where he manages the CashNastyGaming channel. He has 894 Twitch followers.

In 2015, CashNastyReacts, his second channel, made its debut. He posts videos on this channel where he answers and expresses his perspective on various basketball gaming methods.

Because of his perseverance, he was allowed to join the 2HYPE organization in 2018. His squad, 2HYPE joined 100 Thieves in 2020, a notable American e-sports league known for its video game competitions and titles.

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