Who Was A 74-year-old man Who Died After Being struck with a bat? Find His Death Details

Authorities in Whittier reported that a 74-year-old man lost his life after being struck by a bat during an argument with a neighbor on Saturday night.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports that at 8:45 p.m., an assault with a deadly weapon was reported in the 16100 block of Marlinton Drive.

Deputies found the victim, who appeared to have suffered a head injury, lying on his front porch, according to a news release released on Sunday. After paramedics were called, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Who Was A 74-year-old man Who Died After Being struck with a bat? Find His Death Details
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Who Was A 74-year-old man? What Happen To Him?

David Stanley was later named as the victim. According to ABC7, David Stanley was found by police with a head injury. Stanley was later declared dead at the scene by the paramedics.

“His adult son went outside to investigate after hearing noises on the porch and came inside to find the victim. The victim was reportedly in a conflict with a neighbor “before the disturbance, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Department.

According to the sheriff’s office, the neighbor was a “suspect in custody” being questioned as part of the ongoing investigation.

As of Sunday afternoon, the network reported that his name had not been made public and that he had not been charged with the death.

Since then, an investigation into the events leading up to the death has been started. The coroner’s office later clarified that Stanley was 74 years old, contrary to what the police had initially reported.

Anyone with information about what transpired is urged to contact the sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS anonymously.

Newsweek has contacted the LACSD for comment. According to state attorney general Rob Bonta, California had 2,361 homicides in 2021.

It was 7.2 percent higher than in 2020 but still far below the record-breaking high of 4,095 homicides set in 1993. James Vargas, the restaurant manager, was shot by two individuals in November 2021 in front of his wife and kids.

Image Source; –abc7.com

The shooting occurred in Los Angeles at the coroner on East 92nd Street and South Central Avenue. Vargas had reportedly been revived at the scene, according to the police.

He had gone out to get food with his wife and two kids when he was approached by two men in a car who got out and shot him.

The two suspects, described by police as Hispanic men, sped away from the scene in a green Tahoe.

Someone who claimed to have seen the shooting told Fox 11: “Here, at this location, they were eating. When they approached him and asked him, “Where are you from,” did they mean to just jump out and start smoking him?”

In the same month, a stray bullet believed to have originated from gangs shooting at each other struck and killed a sleeping toddler on a California highway.

Jasper Wu, 2, was killed by a bullet while he was dozing off during a ride from San Francisco to his home in Fremont.

The victims were not targets, according to the California Highway Patrol. Instead, they found themselves sandwiched between two cars being shot at by opposing drivers.

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