The Santa in the Rakuten Christmas commercial from 2022 is played by actor James Kirkland.

A stylish Santa Claus is featured in the most recent Rakuten TV commercial, which launched on or around October 30, 2022.

Santa Claus discusses the company’s Cash Back program with one of his elves in the commercial. Many people want to know who the actor with the fake beard is.

Travel: Cash Back You Can Believe In is the title of the 30-second ad. The rendition of Father Christmas has already gotten good feedback.

His distinguishing traits, such as a pointed mustache and silky white-grey hair, set him apart from more traditional representations of the great gift-giver in the sky.

It’s noteworthy to note that after only six days, a 15-second YouTube version of Rakuten’s TV commercial has received close to 900,000 views.

It began utilizing the platform on November 1st, 2022. The complete version has received close to one million views.

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Who Plays Santa In Rakuten Commercial?

In its most recent Christmas 2022 advertisements, Rakuten portrayed James Kirkland as Father Christmas, also known as Santa Claus.

In the “Cash Back You Can Believe In” commercial, Kirkland’s alter ego can be heard speaking with one of his elves about Rakuten and its Cash Back feature.

Santa informs his assistant that he doesn’t want to teach him what to believe and that he believes in Rakuten as the two continue along the present factory line.

He also has no problem praising an elf for a job well done. As Santa and the elf leave the building and walk toward the waiting, gift-filled sleigh carried by reindeer, the commercial abruptly stops.

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The on-screen text encourages viewers to download the app, shop, and save. Before starting his acting career, James did improv and stand-up comedy at the famed Boom Chicago theatre in Amsterdam.

He currently resides in Los Angeles and works as an actor and writer. “Friend of the Devil” has been made available on through Meathouse Publishing, the author’s first book publisher.

James has 242 reviews and 23 other books on Goodreads. James Kirkland’s roles as Eddie in 10 episodes of “My Long Distance Relationship” (2008-2009) and Mark in 6 episodes of “Sing It!” are probably what most people think of him as (2016).

The actor portrayed Jeremy on “Criminal Minds” in 2012. His most prestigious performance was as Salazar, The Pageant Judge, in Kansas Bowling’s “Cuddly Toys” movie.

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Details On James Kirkland: His Wikipedia Bio

James Kirkland appeared in several television ads, one of which was for the Rakuten Christmas campaign. James has contributed as an audio engineer to a TomTom GPS web marketing campaign.

The commercials mimic behind-the-scenes footage of famous people recording their voices for GPS devices. In one, Kirkland oversaw Ernie and Bert, tenants of Sesame Street’s Room 123, as they were being recorded.

In the 2013 TV spot “Anytime” for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, he also portrayed a bowler alongside Martin Landau, Luis Chavez, Kali Muscle, and other actors.

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The actor has appeared in Happy Endings and Community Breaking In in a few brief cameos. He has so far received a lot of great feedback for his most recent appearance in the Rakuten Christmas commercial.

A close-up of James Kirkland’s Santa face was posted on Twitter along with the hashtags “I liked this commercial” and “Rakuten.”

Some have made analogies between the Santa from Rakuten and the Father Christmas portrayed by John Hamm for the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup, while others have questioned the Santa from Rakuten’s “tailored outfit” and his thinness.

One of Kirkland’s Facebook fans praised the advertisement and dubbed it the “role of a lifetime.” At the time this was published, his piece had more than 130 citations and more than 50 comments.

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