Who Killed Angela Samota? Her Death Cause And Killer

In 1984, Angela Samota, 20-year-old electrical engineering, and computer science student, died in her off-campus apartment.

Angela was raped after being brutally murdered. She was stabbed 18 times and died from chest injuries that affected her heart.

Who Killed Angela Samota? Suspected Killer Ben McCall And Russell Buchanan

On October 12, 1984, Angela Samota went to the State Fair with her friends Russell Buchanan and Anita Kadala. Angela had no idea that she would come home to a tragic death.

Angela went to meet her beloved later that evening after arriving home late from the fair. When she got home that evening, a man knocked and asked to use the phone and the restroom.

Ben, Angela’s boyfriend, said she phoned him and said she’d call again because of the man. But it didn’t happen that way. Instead, Ben visited her out of the concern and discovered her brutally killed in her bed.

Angela’s ex-boyfriends, her friend Russell Buchanan, and her lover Ben McCall were the main suspects in the murder investigation. However, the inquiry showed that Angela’s attacker was a “non-secretor.”


This eliminated Russell, a 23-year-old architect close to Angela’s home, and Ben, the ex-boyfriend, from the list of suspects. He was put through a polygraph test, passed it, and declared innocent.

Angela Samota Death Cause: How Did She Die?

Due to a lack of solid leads, the Anglea Samota case was quickly closed. However, it took many years before Detective Linda Crum could identify the murderer by comparing DNA evidence from the crime scene with previously obtained criminal records.

A connection was made between Donald Andrew Bess Jr. and the DNA evidence by the system. Donald was on parole for a 25-year term when Angela was killed. He was already in jail for a second, unrelated rape and assault case when he was connected to Angela’s death in 2008.

The jury concluded that Donald Bess committed the assault and murder of Angela based on all the testimony and DNA evidence. As a result, the ultimate penalty, death, was meted out to him.

Donald filed multiple appeals of the court’s ruling following the judgment, but none were successful. Currently 72 years old, Donald is a prisoner at the Hospital Galveston facility in Texas. Even though there is no definite date for his execution, he is now on death row.

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