Waymond Lee

Actor Waymond Lee has a net worth of $2 million that he acquired through appearances in television shows, motion pictures, commercials, and brand endorsements.

He appeared in two films in 2022, including The Bullet and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

The upcoming American action comedy movie Bullet Train will be shown in theaters on August 5, 2022, thanks to Sony Pictures Releasing.

American absurdist comedy-drama film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once was directed by Christopher Guest in 2022. The film, which included elements of black humor, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts cinema, and animation, was dubbed a “swirl of genre anarchy” by The New York Times.

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Waymond Lee Net Worth

Waymond is one of the wealthiest and oldest actors in the business, with a net worth of $2 million. Since starting his career in the film industry, he has accumulated a great lot of fame and wealth.


The actor is a highly private person who dislikes sharing anything about his private life on social media. He enjoys taking his loved ones on vacation to many different places across the world.

In 2007, Lee made his acting debut as a Chinatown Party Reveler. Since then, he has appeared in a number of movies and video games. He might appear in TV series, sitcoms, and blockbuster films like Iron Man.

Although he also earns money from other sources, like brand commercials, acting is his main source of income. Many companies get in touch with him about promoting them.

Who Is Waymond Lee?

Waymond Lee is a native American actor who was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 7, 1952. He will turn 70 in 2022. Unfortunately, there is little online information on his upbringing, family, and education.


The actor is best known for his role in the 2017 movie The Robbery, which is modeled on the life of any other American millennial who is addicted to their phones, avoids paying off their student loans, and robs liquor stores to get quick cash.

His appearances in movies and television series, including “Workaholics” (2011–2017 TV series), “Anita Ho,” and others, helped him become well-known.

The outstanding actor just made an appearance in the 2022 release Everything Everywhere All at Once, a science fiction film. Everyone is encouraged to think that nothing really matters in any universe after watching this film.

Additionally, he made an appearance in the 2022 film “Bullet Train,” which received widespread acclaim.

Waymond Lee Age And Height

Waymond Lee, a legendary actor, is currently 70 years old, in good physical condition, and stands 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Waymond started working professionally in movies at a young age and has been actively involved in the industry for the past 15 years, collaborating with many well-known actors in major motion pictures.

Waymond Lee Contribution In Movies

At the age of 55, Waymond Lee began his acting career. He made his on-screen debut in the 2007 television series Journeyman as a Chinatown Party Reveler.

Since then, Lee has made appearances on both big and small screens. In addition, despite having a late start in his career, he has already made 145 film and television appearances.

Parks and Recreation (2009–2012), Pair of Kings (2011–2012), Workaholics: The Other Cubicle (2012), and other shows are among his television credits. In addition, he has made important cameos in movies like Always and Forever (2020), The Dark Tourist (2012), and others.

Lee also has a ton of additional projects in the works, but no dates have been set. His upcoming projects include the films The Outlaw Johnny Black, The Grime, and Kali Karate: The Second Beginning.

Waymond Lee Personal Life And Family

In Los Angeles, California, a close-knit family welcomed Waymond Lee into the world. His personal life, particularly his romantic status, remains a mystery to us. Does he have a girlfriend or a wife? Simply put, we are unsure.

Similar to this, the mainstream media has no participation in his life or access to his private information. He stays as far away from rumors and discusses his personal life as possible.

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