Who Is Tobie Windham Wife? Find Their Relationship And Children Details

Tobie Windham’s wife, Shinelle Azoroh, is an American actor and director. In 2013, Shinelle made her first appearance on Betty and Coretta.

Tobie is well known to Disney XD audiences for his role as Uncle Will on Walk the Prank. In addition, he is well-known for his role as Byron Blatt in the Trevor Moore and Adam Small-created family comedy series Just Roll With It.

Some of Windham’s theatrical works include Hamlet, The Brother’s Size, American Buffalo, and Seven Guitars.

From what I can tell from his IMDb biography, he made his acting debut in the 2006 short drama Little Things, in which he played Eric D. Ervin. He also dabbled in producing and writing in addition to acting.

For the upcoming films KELA (2021) and Satisfaction (2021), he worked as a co-producer, and for Roxie Wolfgang, he was an executive producer (2019). He contributed to 14 episodes of the audio series The Blue Mini Van (2021).

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Tobie Windham’s Wife, Shinelle Azoroh

Tobie Windham’s wife, Shinelle Azoroh, is a well-known performer and filmmaker. Starring as Jenna Carson in the 2021 Apple+ series Swagger helped Shinelle rise to prominence.

In their 10 years of marriage, Windham and Azoroh had been completely happy together. The two stunning individuals have formed happy families and are proud parents to two cute little children.

Happy family images are readily available on Instagram for anybody to peruse. Talking about Azoroh, she has been inventing her own stories since she was six.

The actress made her television debut in the 2013 movie Betty and Coretta shortly after graduating from The American Conservatory Theatre.

Shinelle spent her childhood in San Francisco before relocating to Los Angeles for better job prospects. Despite this, after relocating to Los Angeles, she began appearing in many advertisements and theatrical productions.

South Coast Repertory’s presentation of August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean was only one of Azoroh’s critically acclaimed performances. BlackMary, Caesar’s sister, plays the lead role she performs.

The youthful and beautiful Azoroh has performed and displayed her abilities in the short film Dekalb Elementary (2017), the feature film Don’t Let Go (2019) by Blunhouse, and the independent film Nostalgia (2019). (2018).

The multitalented Shinelle has done her thing both in front of and behind the camera. In her career, she is perhaps best known for her work in front of the camera.

She is also known for her work behind the camera, in the editing suite, on the production side, and the page.

All About Tobie And Shinelle’s Relationship 

The working lives of Tobie and Shinelle are uncomplicated. The happy couple also frequently shares glimpses of their privileged existence on social media.

They both use Instagram, but Windham’s cherished companion isn’t as lively as his. Many touching photos of him, his wife, and their children are posted to his Instagram, which illustrates the connection between their love stories.

Tobie and Shinelle were married at the beginning of December 2012 after dating for quite some time. The happy couple said their wedding vows in front of their friends and family.

Does anyone remember when the Just Roll With It actor celebrated 10 years of marriage? To celebrate his tenth wedding anniversary, which occurred on December 9, 2022, Tobie posted a picture from their wedding day alongside a touching video he had made.

On their ninth wedding anniversary, Tobie shared a short Instagram video in which he and his spouse of the year can be seen laughing and smiling. “What is Love? Love is many things.

That I get to work this out with you makes me happy. In celebration of your special day, Vavy! “…he captioned. He refers to his companion with great fondness as “Vavy.”

Tobie and Shinelle are working partners and have a close personal relationship. They share a common background in the entertainment industry and have collaborated on several projects.

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Roxie and Wolfgang are the stars of their own 2019 YouTube series. Tobie was in charge of the show’s overall production, and Shinelle directed the episodes.

Additionally, Shinelle played the lead role of Roxie, while Tobie played the supporting role of Wolfgang, Cicely Rose, Beau and Bob.

Tobie and Shinelle also served as executive producers on the short drama KELA (2021) by Cissy Nalumansi and the short comedy Satisfaction (2021) by Yvonne Sewankambo.

During the 2018 season of Beth and the Blob, Tobie and Shinelle played Stu and Janine, respectively. Together with Hannah Bear (as Beth) and Leah Huebner (as Amy), they starred in the comedy series (Radio DJ).

In Reed Van Dyk’s Oscar-nominated short film Dekalb Elementary, Shinelle co-starred with her husband. This short film also features John Brockus, Michael Brown, Chuck Cobb, Khairi Davis, Mylika Davis, and Shawn Davis.

Tobie And Shinelle Are Parents Of Two Children

Tobie and Shinelle’s children, a girl and a son, are precious in every way. The couple has been somewhat tight-lipped about their family.

However, it is widely assumed that their daughter Zadie was born in late 2016 or early 2017. Their son was born in December 2021, only a few days before their 9th wedding anniversary.

Likewise, on December 7, 2021, filmmaker Reggie Rock Bythewood greeted the happy parents by posting a photo of their gorgeous new baby to Instagram.

On paper, he stated, “A new member has joined our #swagger team. Congratulations to Jenna (@shinelleazoroh) and Toby (@tobiewindham) on the arrival of their baby.”

Shinelle and Tobie make time in their hectic schedules to stay home with their children. The four-person family loves spending time together, especially on festive events like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and New Year’s. I believe Tobie and Shinelle get the greatest pleasure out of becoming parents.

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