Who Is Steve Sarkisian New Wife Loreal Sarkisian?

Steve Sarkisian’s new wife, Loreal Smith Sarkisian, believes that a person’s style reflects who they are.

Loreal is a wardrobe stylist and always looks great for every occasion, including football games.

Steve, a former professional player, is the Texas Longhorns’ head football coach at the University of Texas in Austin. He assumed the role at the start of 2021. He has also long served in the same position for other clubs.

Since 2000, he has served as El Camino College’s quarterback coach. The season after, he assisted USC’s offensive coordinator, Norm Chow, as an offensive assistant.

By 2004, he had made it in his career and was the quarterback coach for the Oakland Raiders.

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To learn more about Steve Sarkisian’s new wife and past relationship, continue reading the article below.

Who Is Steve Sarkisian’s New Wife Loreal Sarkisian?

Loreal, Steven Sarkisian’s new wife, is known as the “First Lady of Texas Football.” She claims to be a professional wardrobe stylist in the apparel industry.

Considering the way she seems, she has incredible style and color sense. Many people believe she constantly exudes beauty and elegance while competing.

However, she has also said in the biographies for her social media accounts that she likes philanthropy. Additionally, Mrs. Sarkisian has said that individuals should be inspired by elegance and service.

Steve Sarkisian
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Her core belief is that everyone should strive to look their best since doing so will make them feel their best.

However, the coach’s spouse has experience dealing with collegiate and professional track athletes. She was a professional athlete in the past and spent four years running for Nike. She has also previously participated in 100-meter hurdle competitions.

As a professional athlete, Loreal could visit many different countries worldwide, giving her access to several opportunities that ultimately altered the path of her whole life.

Nevertheless, she visited every continent in between, including Asia and Europe. There, she gathered memories that she later incorporated into her style. Throughout her career, the wardrobe stylist has worked with many clients, including company leaders, athletes, and celebrities.

Steve and Loreal’s Married Life

Steve and Loreal tied the knot on June 30, 2020, and have since started their married life, which seems to be swimmingly.

They both seem to have a great time together, so maybe the Longhorns’ head coach has finally found his true love.

Others may consider starting a family, although the pair hasn’t confirmed this. They both seem to be supportive of one another, though. In addition, Sarkisian’s wife periodically appears in the crowd cheering for her husband’s team.

The head coach tweeted pictures from their wedding photographs to mark the conclusion of the second year. Steve never forgets to wish his wife their anniversary.

Many people were excited to view the film on their big day, but it needed to be posted online. They may have thus prepared a small event and just invited their family and close friends.

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In the interval, the Covid-19 pandemic expanded globally and caused chaos. However, this is not the former Brigham Cougar quarterback’s first marriage.

Specifics Regarding Steve’s Previous Relationships

Steve may have dated Loreal for a spell after his divorce from Stephanie, his first wife. When the news of their separation initially broke, many people were shocked.

After getting married in 1997, Steve and Stephanie had three kids. They were fortunate to have Brady, one boy, and Taylor, and Ashley, two daughters. Unfortunately, the almost 20 years of the marriage were for naught.

The head football coach, though, seems to like his kids and goes out to spend other holidays with them. However, there isn’t a picture of his kids with his new wife, so we may assume they could stay with their mom.

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