Hair braiding stylist Shalena Brim is the sister of American tv personality Steelo Brim.

A well-known comedian, podcast presenter, actor, TV host, and producer is Steelo Brim. He also co-hosts and produces the MTV comedy program Ridiculousness. In addition, he has made several film and television appearances. Steelo is the creator and producer of the comedy series Ridiculousness.

He also co-hosts a podcast where they discuss current events and themes in popular culture. With his coworker Chris Reinacher, he co-hosts a podcast exploring the most crucial topics of the week. Fans frequently find his sister to be of interest.

Shalena Brim Steelo Brim
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Who Is Steelo Brim Sister Shalena Brim?

The Sister of Steelo Brim, Shalena Brim, acts as the family’s unifying force. She decided to pursue her passion and become a hairstylist.

Image Source: instagram

Her father, Frank Brim, is a battalion commander with the Chicago Fire Department, and her mother, Tracy Brim, is a minister. Her father founded a baseball team on the west side of Chicago’s Garfield Park.

She has three brothers, Steelo being one of them. Because she was the only sister and daughter in the family, her brothers were quite strict and protective of her as she was growing up.

However, she is close to her mother and brothers. They routinely get together even though they all have busy schedules to attend to. In any case, she was brought up in a loving home. Her brothers were always there for her, and she was their beautiful sister.

She might not be the oldest child—that much is still a mystery—but as the lone sister among three brothers, she was only ever shown brotherly love as she grew up.

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Shalena Brim As A Volunteer

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The hairstylist enjoys volunteering and contributing to local charities in her free time.

She also provides instructions on hairstyles and offers workshops to individuals who want to learn. She has 174 posts on Instagram under the handle @realshalenabrim and has 1.6k followers.

Brim often uses her platform to update her followers on her life and advertise her writing. She doesn’t hesitate to talk about her family and express her love and gratitude for them on her social media accounts.

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