Who Is Sarah Jirgal? Everything About Actress

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Sarah Jirgal is an actress who sprang to fame after being cast in the film Crazy Neighborhood Moms.

The newcomer to the acting world has made news after being cast in the 2022 TV drama Crazy Neighbor Moms.

The tale follows Charlotte as she meets her murderous neighbor Boonie, and the drama continues.

Age18 – 25 years
Net Worth$1 million – $5 million

How Old Is Sarah Jirgal?

Sarah Jirgal has a youthful appearance. She might be between the ages of 18 and 25. The petite lady is from a tiny town in North Carolina, but she relocated to Atlanta to pursue her ambition of being an actor.

She did indeed enroll at Liberty University after finishing her secondary school, where she worked on various projects as part of her degree and received excellent grades.

Pickleball is her interest, and she was raised as a Christian with a strong relationship with God.

Discover Sarah Jirgal Net Worth

Sarah Jirgal’s net worth is still unknown as of 2022. It might range between $ 1 million to $5 million.

She began her career after landing the role of Anna in Alexandra, a 2017 short film.

She has nine acting credits on her IMDb page, including Studen in the Liberty University Commercial – Time Flies, Katie Autry in Southern Gothic, Erica in Crab, and Tiffany in One More Dream, to name a few.

Wikipedia Details Of Sarah Jirgal

Sarah Jirgal doens’t have her own official Wikipedia page to her name.

She worked as an art director at Hume Lake Christian Camps before pursuing the glitz and glamour of the movie industry.

The lady is multi-talented, having aided and directed events for organizations such as The Salvation Army and WinShape Camps.

Her Instagram handle is @sarah_jirgal, and she has over two thousand followers. We can tell she has a traveler’s heart because she advertises excursions to California, France, and Georgia on her Facebook.

Her love of travel pales compared to her enthusiasm for performing, as seen by her constant resting on movie sets.

Who Is Sarah Jirgal Boyfriend?

Sarah Jirgal’s boyfirned’s name is Luke. They celebrated their first anniversary in November.

We can’t guess his employment because he doesn’t have a social media account. It’s clear that they admire each other based on the sequence of photos she posted to mark their relationship.

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