Who Is Sahith Theegala New Girlfriend? Details Of Her Dating Life

Juju Chan, a swimmer for the Pepperdine University Waves, is Sahith Theegala’s girlfriend. In January 2023, Sahith revealed his relationship with the world.

Theegala took part in the third tie at the Lone Tree Classic on the 2020 Outlaw Tour. His career began to receive loud applause, but many people started questioning his personal life.

The 25-year-old acknowledged that he fell in love with another athlete after two years as a professional golfer. His buddy is an authority on verbal sports communication.

Sahith Theegala
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Who Is Sahith Theegala New Girlfriend?

Theegala and Juju first started dating while they were both Pepperdine University students. He was an NCAA All-American three times.

In his final year, he set records by winning the Southwestern Invitational, the Alister MacKenzie Invitational, and the Australian Master of the Amateurs.

His Pepperdine team had just won the 2019 Pacific Coast Swim and Dive Conference Championships by shattering the 200-medley relay record, and he was secretly seeing Juju, who was also on the squad.

The two have been trying to find love ever since they were in college. To ring in the New Year, they had travelled far to Maui.

Their connection was evident in their amusing Instagram postings from the beaches of Hawaii.

Sahith Theegala And Juju Chan Dating Life

Julianna “JuJu” Chan finished the Waves’ Sports Administration course in 2019. In addition to studying, she assisted with sports communications and guarded the university pool team.

She worked as the pool manager and assistant swim coach throughout her senior year.

From September 2020 to January 2022, the top student worked at LoanGlide as a customer success manager. According to her LinkedIn profile, she stayed at Trace through September that year.

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Juju received a promotion to Enterprise Customer Success Manager in October and is still employed there.

On her active Instagram account, Chan shares pictures of the beaches and concerts she’s attended. She enjoys seeing new places and has visited China, Hong Kong, and the Californian coast.

This Waves alumna, both East Asian-born and -bred, fits right in with her Indian-American boyfriend’s lifestyle.

Details On Sahith Theegala Family

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Murlidhar and Karuna Theegala welcomed Sahith Theegala into the world in India. His father, a native of South India, arrived in the country in 1987 to study abroad.

Huge fan of sports. Senior Theegala primarily goes to games and watches them. He frequently attends Sahith’s golf tournaments and is pleased with his accomplishments.

Mrs Theegala has accompanied her husband to his games to support Sahith. In December 2022, the pair might be seen celebrating their oldest son’s victory in the QBE Shootout with Tom Hoge.

Karuna is active on Instagram as @rkarunart. However, she only has a few posts and followers. Her main priority is following her son’s golfing career.

Sahith Theegala has a solid connection to his extended family and South Indian customs. He frequently travels to Hyderabad in India, where he lives with his cousins and relatives.

In 2017, this golfer travelled to his country of origin to attend his older relative’s wedding. In an Instagram post, he said he had chosen to take his time with them rather than rushing back to the United States.

Theegala was raised in a home that accepted Hindus in California. On specific occasions, he frequently appears clothed in Native American attire.

The runner-up in the 2022 RSM Classic had a younger sibling. Sahan, a Seton Hall University student, is 18 years old.

He declares himself a “professional improviser” and will be a graduate student in 2025. In addition, this young man will turn 19 on February 6.

Sahith and Sahan are close friends, as evidenced by their frequent mentions of them on social media. Theegala’s younger sibling @srt squared has a private Instagram account.

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