Who Is Rick Petko Partner? Find His Children Details

Brittany Cockeram, Rick Petko’s wife, is the business owner and owner of Machete Shoppe. The wedding between Rick and Brittany took place on May 18, 2012.

The famous TV host has worked with metal for years and is an expert blacksmith. If you’ve seen the American Chopper series on Discovery Channel, you may recognize Rick.

The episode focused on the regular operations of Orange County Choppers. For example, it gave OCC a taste of Petko’s remarkable work.

He is one of the original series cast members and a regular at the business who always seems to have everything in order.

He worked with Orange County Choppers from 2003 to 2016 and was a regular on the show American Choppers from 2003 until 2010.

2016 was the year he decided to go his way, launch a business, and give more attention to her personal life.

Rick, a former master fabricator at Orange County Choppers, now leads a peaceful but satisfying life with his devoted spouse and their two young children.

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Family Of Rick Petko

Brittany Cockeram and Rick Petko have been married for ten years. Both of their girls are stunning works of nature, and they are wonderful parents.

Petko, a motorcycle builder, and designer, became a household name because of his appearance in American Chopper.

Once the program finished in 2010, he chose to avoid the spotlight. As a result, many of his devotees have yet to learn about his private life.

When they finally met in person for the first time in July 2011, they hit it off immediately. The couple began dating quickly, and a month later, the reality star proposed with a beautiful diamond.

The brilliant diamond was set on a gold bracelet with intricate crystal engravings. Thrilled, Cockerman immediately answered “Yes,” and the pair got engaged on November 18, 2011.

They have been married for nearly ten years. The reality star has married the lady of his dreams and is the proud leader of a perfectly content family.

In 2012, Rick and Brittany said “I do” for real this time. Mountain Springs Lake Resort in Reeders, Pennsylvania, was the site of the wedding.

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The happy pair spoke their vows in front of relatives and friends. They had a lovely wedding and a party to celebrate afterward. In addition, the celebration was shown live on American Chopper.

Two girls were born to Rick and Brittany. Everly Rose Petko was born to them in October of 2013. Lucy Mae Petko, the youngest member of the Petko family, was born in January 2016.

The motorbike creator has a powerful bond with his two young kids. His motorbike business is an excellent place for children to learn new things and see dad at work.

He beams with pride at the accomplishments of his miniature angels in Taekwondo, their favorite activity. Lucy began kindergarten in August 2021, while her older sister Everly started second grade.

The reality star was overjoyed to post photos of his children on their first day of school to Instagram, despite the ongoing Covid epidemic.

Both children look like their moms, with their naturally blonde hair. Brittany also enjoys posting images of her cute family to Instagram under the handle @barelytherefarm. She also uses Facebook frequently.

Know More About Brittany Cockeram

Brittany is a successful entrepreneur and the proprietor of Machete Shoppe. She describes herself as a mother, wife, chicken mama, gardener, knitter, yarn dyer, goofy, and Poconos.

Situated in the middle of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, she manages and organizes everything behind the scenes at Machette Shoppe from her dye lab on her farm.

In addition, she works best with limited production runs. She chooses to be a stay-at-home parent, as she writes on the studio’s website, and her young children are always eager to provide a helping hand, as seen by the brand stickers that regularly appear on shipments before they are shipped.

Fabulous hand-dyed yarn and other works of art can be seen on the Instagram account for her workshop, which goes by the handle @macheteshoppe.

She successfully manages her company’s Instagram account, which has over 15.1k followers. Her shop has many new products, such as Ceramic Forest, Mystery Grab Bags, No Rinse Housewool Wash, White Christmas, Hallmark Movie (basic sock), and Sweet Cider.

Currently, she is employed as a shelter counselor at Women’s Resources of Monroe County, as stated on her Facebook profile.

In 2012, the business owner enrolled at Northampton Community College to study social work. Brittany moved from Roseburg, Oregon, to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, to be closer to her happy family.

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